About Us

Welcome to Tired of Gurus

We are a group of 14 inetrnet marketer than as you started our online business career with the idea of  make a passive income online and get rid of a 9-5 job.

Now that we all have reached that point , and after several trial and errors, hundreds of dollars invested on products and tired of gurus that shows only part of their secrets to succeed,  we decided to start this blog to share with people like you, the best ideas, advises, recommendations, support and product reviews for you to start making a living online, from home, dedicating a lot more time to your family.

To make money online you just need a couple of things:

  1. The desire to make money online
  2. To focus on one method that works at a time.

We expect to help you find the way for you to start or build a successful online business.

Welcome aboard!

The tiredofgurus.com group