– “Global opportunities: mobility, entreprenurship and guts”

Anina Net will guide us through a world of opportunities – globally, in China and in your cellphone.

Anina is an international model with a passion for technology who has just been awarded by the Chinese government the "oscar" for China's number one Top Foreign Model. This is the first time in history that a foreigner has been given an award at the China Fashion Awards Dec 2009. China Daily newspaper has written an article about her titled, "The highs and lows of China's Top Foreign Model" and China Textile Magazine has introduced her to the China Fashion Industry with an article, "Anina in China." Anina is a 3 year Nokia Champion, and the founder of the 360Fashion Network ( Anina wishes to use her image and voice to encourage all women to embrace technology so they will have the possibility to compete in the new digital markets that are emerging globally.

Webbdagarna Stockholm 2012
Stockholm Waterfront

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