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Solo Ads – Do Not Make These Mistakes

An email ‘solo ad’ is simply where you run your email message/ad to somebody else’s list of email subscribers for a fee ranging anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars depending on your budget. All you have to do to set up a solo ad is give the solo ad seller one of our […]

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Biggest Advertising Directory of 2017 and Beyond

Biggest Advertising Directory of 2017 and Beyond Banner advertising is awesome because you can often ‘set it and forget it’… It takes some time up front to find good deals on high traffic sites, but once you’ve found the right deal and your banner has been placed, you’re literally on autopilot. Another cool aspect of banner […]

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Top 10 Places To Find And Schedule Email Solo Ads

Top 10 Places To Find And Schedule Email Solo Ads Following is our current Top 10 list of places to find and schedule solo ads, starting for as little as $20-25 for 50 clicks. This list is based directly on member feedback… 1. (Hot tip: Look for sellers with good ratings and a ‘$’ […]

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The Top 5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Be Using “Free Advertising”

1. Increase Traffic, Sales, Profits, and Your Customer Mailing List – FREE. The biggest benefit of “Free Advertising” is that it’s free. There’s no cost to you. No check to write. No financial investment whatsoever. Because of this, you can use these “free advertising” strategies as often as you want. In fact, the more often […]

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What Is Free Advertising? – Advantages

“Free Advertising” is basically marketing that costs you nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. It’s F-R-E-E. It’s advertising that appears in magazines, search engines, pay-per-click ads, TV, radio, and even in direct mail… but you pay absolutely nothing. I’ve been very fortunate to be one of the few people to discover “free advertising” – and I’ve used […]

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