Compoundly Review

Hello guys and gals, on this post I´m going to talk about the most recent launch from Paul Nichols ,a so called guru from the warriorplus market.

Let´s found out what this compound is about, what I like and dislike and if it worth the price and if he´s really delivering what we´s promising on the sales page.

Let´s gets started

Well, on the sales page he says that with compoundly you:

He described Compoundly as a method to make money only ina very short
period of time reveals a Hidden 3-Figure Per Day Online PROVEN PROFIT Method

Then we mentioned the
7 GREAT Reasons To Grab Compoundly Right Now

-Untapped, PROVEN method for consistent fast cash in ANY niche
-100% beginner friendly – zero experience or tech skills needed
-Be up, running & in profit in 24 hours or less
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-STACKS of proof – results for over 3 years plus COMPLETE BEGINNERS crushing it with this method.

But, What we found was:

-The whole course is a video training course, no PDF, no transcripts

-Mostf of the videos are way long and bored because he use a tool like “Paint” to explain his theories, most of the course page are unfinished, with a lot of: 

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He talks about you need to build your ales machine to be trust worthy, the such a trust worthy tool is a blog, so you need to build a blog to drive traffic from facebook, youtube and through email marketing, this by itself is something that will take a lot of time to drive traffic and to become an authory blog.

Then on another video he let´s know about the tools we will need for that:

1- a domain name

2- A hosting service

3. An autoresponder

4 .A video screen recording software like screencast

So, nothing new here on a 13 minutes long video explained with a drawing tool like “Paint”.

So far, nothing new guys, let´s move on

Well the rest of the videos is just a talk about the old theory of having an authority blog, drive traffic from several places and using paid traffic inclusive and promote affiliate offers on your blog.

>As a summary:

This method from Paul Nichols DOESN´T has nothing new, so I DO NOT Recommend it.

Until next time guys.