Design in Entreprenurship

Brought to you by: FounderDating & Turnstone An Honest Conversation with: Jeffrey Kalmikoff (Betable, SimpleGeo, Threadless); Alexa Andrzejewski (Foodspotting); Josh Brewer (Twitter, 52weeksofUX); Jason Putorti (Mint, Votizen, Causes) In today's startup world, there are many founders, and many designers. However, we don't see enough people who are both. We expect products to work well, be seamless to interact with, and look beautiful. Designers play a vital role both in product and throughout the organization. Still, very few designers are opting in to be founders in companies and to lead the growth of their own ideas into viable products. Why is this? Join us for a lively conversation where we'll address: Why aren't we seeing more designers choose to be entrepreneurs? How does it affect a company when the designer is a founder? What would encourage more designers to take the leap into entrepreneurship?

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