Email Marketing – Lead Generation and Mailing List Building

Lead generation and email marketing on autopilot:

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Email marketing is a very effective way of guaranteed long-term success online, but lead generation and building a mailing list can be difficult without the right tools.

For example, one of the best tools to integrate list building into your WP dashboard is…

IMSC Rapid Mailer:

In the video above, you see there are two main methods of lead generation is use in my email marketing campaigns. These two methods are individually extremely effective, but combined they are superb.

You can essentially build a mailing list with automated lead generation and subscribers by using either adfly and paying per thousands of visitors, or you can do it automatically without having to pay per subscriber (basically).

If you currently do not have enough incoming profits online, I highly recommend you go with the second method of email marketing and lead generation. This method works 100% on autopilot and your subscriber list doesn't just grow daily but it grows exponentially every single day.

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The second method (click link above) involves just an initial setup of 15 minutes, and then after about 2 weeks, you will start seeing subscribers opt in to your squeeze pages more and more every day.

The squeeze pages in your email marketing campaign are vital to lead generation and mailing list building. With the second method, it is done for you 100% on autopilot and the traffic to those squeeze pages is also completely automated.

If you click on the link below (or at the top), it will completely automate your email marketing and mailing list lead generation:

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