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How Often Do You Must Send Emails To Your List?

The Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) is a principle that’s alive and well in every single one of our businesses.
20% of customers generate 80% of profits
20% of entrepreneurs generate 80% of new business created
20% of Authors sell 80% of books
20% of your “to-do-list” will be responsible for 80% of your results
And so on…
If we go to any forum and ask the members how often we should email our list, 90% will tell you to email 3 times a week. It’s regurgitated nonsense that sits well in the minds of Vanilla marketers who are afraid to test different methods. In my accurate opinion, 90% of marketers you ask this question to…
will be 100% wrong.

3 times a week is the sweet spot, or so many will have you believe. The real question is… Is it the sweet spot because it works? Or because it’s safe?
I think the reason so many follow this advice is because it’s the safe thing to do. Safe, in email marketing is gonna land you in “sametown.”
Same crappy open rates as the industry standard.
Same responsive rate as your competition.
Same sales to message ratio (if you’re good) as the rest.
Safe…is the absolute worst place you want to be when your goal is to stand out.

So, how often should you email your list?
You should be sending an email to your list every single day. I get a great response from the “email lemmings” when I say this inside forums.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to send an email “broadcast” every single day to your list. You should, however, set up an email to go out every day to the people on your list going through an autoresponder sequence.

Chances are you’re disagreeing with me right now. After all, if you email your list every day, they will get pissed off and unsubscribe from you’re email list, right? At least that’s the nonsense spewing from the majority of email lemmings every time I bring it up.

Find out more about this great topic by reading my recommedation titled: Instant Email Leverage

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