How To List A Product In Warrior Plus

How To List  A Product In Warrior Plus

Well, if are thinking in to promote an info product to internet marketers, one of the best places to do so is the warrior plus, where you can list a product for just $20 dlls.

Below you will find the procedure, I hope it may helps. 

 Once you are logged into your WP account:

A: Click on: “Vendors”


B: Click on: “New product”

** Please note that if you are planning on launching a “Front-End” product with “One Time Offers”, you will need to list ALL your products, in the “Products” section of Warrior+Plus…


For example, if you have a sales funnel with:

  • 1 “Front-End” product
  • 2 “One Time Offers”

… Then you would need to create 3 product listings in the “PRODUCT” section…

So now that you know this, here’s what you need to do for each product…



C: Select: “Buy Now/Single Payment”

D: Add A Catchy Name For Your Product

E: Delivery URL: This is the page where your clients can download their product

F: Refund Period: Usually, we give a 30-day refund policy

G: Add the type of product it is… Example: E-Book


H: Add The Category of your product


I: Chose up to 3 keywords. Be relevant to your product


J: Add an image. This is optional. But if you think about it, you’ll want that your product looks professional.

K: Add your contact e-mail address.


L: Add your PayPal e-mail address.


M: Add a “Regular Price”

  • It will give this effect to your Warrior Plus button:




O: If you’re using the “Dime Sale” model, add the monetary value for each sale increase you want.

  • We suggest an increase of $0.01 to $0.03


P: If you are using the “Dime Sale” model, select how often you want the price to go up.

  • We recommend you set it to: 1


Q: Connect Your Auto-Responder List to Warrior+Plus

… Now jump to: Affiliate Program… 


R: Set your commission rate to the amount you want…

  • If you’re making a cash contest or a product launch, we recommend you set it to 100%…
  • This will motivate affiliates to mail for you…
  • Keep in mind that you’ll still 50% on your “One Time Offers” as I’ll be showing you later…


S: Affiliate Info

  • Simply ask them how they will be promoting you…


T: Turn your “Affiliate Program Accelerator” button to:

On -> If it’s a “Front-End” product

OFF-> If it’s a “One Time Offer”


U: Turn your “Deal Of The Day” button to:

On -> If it’s a “Front-End” product

OFF-> If it’s a “One Time Offer”


V: Warrior Plus Access Info:

  • If you made the product, mention it…
  • If you are using a PLR product, copy/paste the license


W: Product Status

  • Set it to: “Open/Available for sale”

 X: Save the product


Well that´s all guys I hope you like it

Hector J.


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