How To Rank a Video On 1 Page Of Google | The Power of Youtube Live Events To Rank Your Video | Live Event Blaster 2 Review

One of the main problems if not the biggest one every marketer that use videos to promote their own products, services or offers have is how to rank their videos on google.

It doesn´t matter if you are affiliate marketer, CPA marketer, Video marketer, offline marketer or if you just are trying to build your list. You wil lface with this same problem when trying to know how to rank your video on 1 first page of googlem isn´t it?

I know about this pain, because I´ve been there, and i decided to write this article about because I see this day i nand day out with my friends and partnets that promote affiliate offers and try to rank their videos on 1 page of google every single time a product launch is coming.

When I ask them what their strategies are, most of them told the following:

First they create a product review ousing video several days before launch date, then upload to youtube and optimize their title, description and keywords, create all sort of tricks gurus says like to rename their videos like it´s main keywors, upload a catchy thumbnail and share on severela social networks their videos.

but then, after several days, most of them mentioned that they saw how miserably all their videos never ranked on google even when the followed all what gurus said for their videos to get ranked.

I know about it because I´ve been there.

Well, let me introduce you to the new youtube feature called … Youtube Live Events 

With youtube live events you can stream live or prerecorded videos into youtube.  But how can I get my videos ranked on 1 page of google by using the power of youtube live events?

Well that is the secret, because you can create a youtube live event and after a few hours later to see in advance if your video get ranked or not with your selected keywords.

This will allows you to know in advanced if the creation of your videos with those keywords is worth the time you will invest on it.

This is the Power of youtube live events,  when you can get your videos ranked even before you start creating your videos.

Now what if you could have a software that allows you to know if your videos will be ranked  without you having to create the video in advance.  You wil lsay this sounds too good to be truth, but that is really possible.

Well if you feel suriosity about what software I´m talking about. click the link below to take a look, this software it´s beeing launched on April the 11th, 2018.

You wil lget amazing bonuses with your purchase if you get it from this link.   Live Event Blaster 2 Review


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