Local SEO: Step-By-Step How I Rank My Clients #1 On Google (2018) Live Examples

[WPXperVideo id=27 ]all righty guys welcome in this video we’re gonna be teaching you exactly how to rank a local SEO website in 2018 so how do you rank a local SEO website to the number one listing on Google we’re gonna go over that in this video and we’re gonna get right to it okay so before we get into it let’s talk about why you would want local SEO and Google really is the number one search engine when it comes to any type of internet search engine and you people see Facebook as a social media platform so it’s not really technically a search engine but I want you to think about this second dot you know the buyers intent so if I’m youtubing something or I’m googling something it’s pretty relevant that I’m actually looking to buy something or looking for reviews to put me into the next step the other reason why Google is very important is it’s less competition and I know you guys are going to kind of challenge that but you know local SEO has really changed the way you can get traffic to a website and local is very not competitive with the way I’m ways I’m going to show you and that a lot of companies do it this way but I’m going to show you a great way to do it local SEO is also easy rankings I’m going to show you a couple of different things where we’ve done easy rankings for our website and we’re able to generate them with tons of website traffic and everybody’s focus is on Facebook advertising and I love Facebook advertising but we’ll talk about SEO in this because I firmly believe that SEO will be more powerful than Facebook advertising in the years to come so guys one thing that I do want to make note is that everything you’re gonna learn from this little video is taught from a $4,999 course actually eight thousand we’re not going to get technical so let’s jump right into it so we’ve already talked about why local SEO and so let’s see what kind of you know what are the reasons that people are not doing SEO because in here are the excuses so it’s too hard okay and I get this a lot and a lot of people say they just can’t understand it everything this and that that is a one really big reason why it is not competitive to do local SEO people say it’s too hard here’s the news you can outsource all of it and you can actually make it very easy with the steps I’m gonna show you too is that it costs too much while SEO does cost money it’s nothing compared to a cost per click basis like Facebook ads or Google AdWords there are too many ranking factors google recently announced that there are 22,000 ranking factors with for a search engine optimization that’s fine we only need to know a couple of them and I’ll share them with you now and it takes too long and this one really bothers me when people tell me that the reason why they’re not doing SEO is because it takes them too long because here’s the fact SEO is an investment in any investment takes time there’s no investment that has quick returns if there are it’s usually a scam so traffic from Facebook Google it’s all relevant and it does take time alright so we’re gonna be covering a couple of different tools and resources in this module and we’re gonna be covering eight Refs spyfu comm wordpress.org fiber comm conquer i/o and basically what all these tools are are to make SEO a lot easier for us so let’s talk about what actually makes a website ranked and guys I really want to make this one important to you so imagine your website was right here where my mouse is clicking and all of these these little lists that I put linked to that website it would actually make it rank very well so we’re gonna cover the first one in pretty in-depth we’re gonna call we’re gonna cover on-page content such optimization so let’s look at a website that I currently manage and we’ll look at the on page and look at the off page and we’ll actually look and see why it ranks okay so if I were to do a search in Google just named iPhone repair and Waterbury Connecticut you’ll notice that my website my clients website is first on Google and their website is also first on Google here now what you’ll find interesting is that when you actually type in nearby towns we rank on the first page for really any of those towns and this is our URL but you’ll you’ll know that even though we’re ranking on the first page there’s quite a reason why we’re ranking and let’s talk about URL structure so as you can see the URL here is the exact match keyword right so prospect iphone repairs prospect iphone repairs and as you can see the keyword is in the Meta Description and it’s also branded so you know our brands there and it’s being associated with this keyword so Google’s gonna kind of bring some relevancy to that the next thing you’ll notice is that when we click on the website we were looking for these things right we’re looking for YouTube in bed we’re looking for on-page optimization so the first thing you’ll notice is that we have a the title the keyword is in our title and you’ll notice that we reference the town multiple times iPhone screen repair service and we use these things and they’re called LSI and basically LSI’s or bigger words for synonyms so we looked at this keyword and it has something to do with this keyword so we sprinkled it in here and what I want you guys also to know with inner page optimization you also need to know a lot of unique you don’t need to know a lot but you just need to know that you need to interlink your page so I dr. if I click here it’s going to bring me to just the home page so interlinking is very important because it flows the juice around the page so looking at the other things on the website as you can see here this is titled or it has an alt tag as we call it and that alt tag is the exact match keyword so this file of this picture is actually called prospect iphone repairs and now that you’ve really looked at the alt tag let’s talk about the content so as you notice you know phone diagnostic that’s a keyword it’s linking to an authoritative website which means if you’re linking your articles your pages to Authority websites Google is going to give you relevancy as you can see there are other keywords fix an iPhone if it’s wet that’s a keyword so if I type this into Google you’ll see that there’s a lot of competition for something like this but you know you’ll also notice that it’s it’s a keyword so we want to rank for you want to use these LSI’s in your copy to kind of get some more relevance so I phone battery replacement I’m sure if you want added the town we’re in for that you’ll notice that will rank first and then we have a video embed and if you look closely this video is actually labeled prospect iPhone repairs so the exact match keyword is actually in here and that allows us to rank quickly because this is this this video is embedded in our website page and then one last thing I like to do for a few measures is just put the the map embedded onto the website now how you can do this is you can go to Google Maps you can click on the link you can then type in the town that you’re looking for so in my case to be Prospect Connecticut and then you can share and you can even like embed that’s what I would do I would embed this link into my website and actually that’s what this is an embedded URL so that’s really covering it with on-page optimization I mean you just saw it live we literally just make a page exact name your link or exact name keyword and then we embed a YouTube video and you know you look at the damn domain URL so prospect iphone repairs would be an example of a domain URL and then we looked at the on-page optimization in terms of the the embed of YouTube the pictures the keywords so Google’s also listed something very interesting and it’s called link velocity and link quality so previously you were able to rank a website just by having a lot of links and lately the Google has changed that and now they’re actually looking at link velocity and quality and guys all’s that really means is that Google is looking at the types of websites that are pointing to your page and how fast you are acquiring them so now let’s move into an interesting section which is called market research and here we’re looking for who’s ranking and for what right when you look at the map to the right you’ll see that there’s a heat map and that heat map actually shows you which buttons are which links get clicked the most so those are the three links right there on the top and then if you look it’s right those are Google AdWords so AdWords as you can see you barely gets any clicks but the top three rankings get clicks so we want to see those three websites and see if they’re paying for SEO and just kind of see if we can reverse-engineer them meaning like okay what we need what we need to know how can we beat this website and do absolutely what’s necessary to do that so a few other things you need to know is are there Yelp listings are there social rankings number one because if there are that means that you can easily beat the market so just for example we’re gonna show you that same keyword we did before so we’re just gonna do some quick keyword analysis and as you can see the keyword is iPhone repair in Waterbury Connecticut and if you can see that this if cellairis really wanted to rank for that keyword they would actually make this iPhone repairs in Waterbury Connecticut if they wanted to run for it because as you can see they have iPhone Connecticut Waterbury Connecticut this so I know that they’re not as relevant as me actually putting water beyond repair and our website putting our title like that just like there’s the next thing you’ll notice is that there’s a Yelp whenever there’s a Yelp you can beat it easily as you can see there’s two websites over Yelp and let’s take a look at certain examples of a market that is completely saturated so a market I wouldn’t recommend going into so this is how you look and see if a market is saturated the first recognition point that you’ll notice that a market is saturated is you will see a shitload of Google AdWords listings okay and then what you’ll notice is the first thing is lawyers dot find lawyers com that is an extremely big site very difficult to compete with but we noticed that the second thing is persimmon calm so here’s how we’re going to look at this website and see if we can reverse engineer a couple of ways one is we’re gonna look at the backlinks of the website and look at the structure of the website so as you can see the title is New York personal injury attorney and the website looks huge so this person this this firm is paying a lot of money for SEO or they have a in-house SEO and how you know that is all of these have alt tags the website is very very nicely done and you can see that this website gets a lot of traffic over here if you have this install this is the Facebook pixel helper so they’re retargeting my visit on this website so they know that I’m gonna go on Facebook and they’ll actually be able to retarget me and they have all of these testimonials this website is extremely done well and here’s the cool thing so let’s take the URL and then actually put it into spyfu calm and spyfu is one of my favorite websites because it allows me to look at exactly what a competitor is doing to try and absolutely just reverse engineer them right so let’s take a look and spyfu will tell us a few things it’ll tell us traffic keywords and links so just by looking at this this person has 6615 keywords that the ranking for and based on their keywords that they’re organically ranking for google gives their website an estimated value of $30,000 a month so i don’t know about you but I don’t have thirty dollars now 38 thousand dollars a month to dump in for ranking this keyword on google and and how they get this number is they look at your AdWords budget for your organic keywords so if you look at the organic keywords here that they’re ranking for personal injuries lawyers NYC whatever this keyword is AdWords value then that means how much they’re putting into this little budget if that makes sense okay guys and and that’s really a competitive market that’s looking at the overall scope very competitively and try to outrank somebody in a competitive market okay so now that you know how to do market research and kind of look at the competition I mean really it comes down to on-page optimization which we’re going to talk about and I’ve already explained on-page optimization a little bit but a few things that you should take note of is the URL structure alright guys so when you’re creating a new page and you want to focus in on the URL structure you’re gonna create a title so let’s keep in mind that we have a focused keyword that we’re going for so our focus keyword is social media marketing in CT that’s our focus keyword okay so that’s the keyword we’re gonna optimize our page for so when your title you want to have that’s the keyword oops I’m sorry guys you want to have the keyword in your title but don’t make clearly obvious don’t make it just the keyword and then the next thing you want to do is you want to add your first kind of heading and you know just kind of add your keyword broad and say something like is social media marketing the future and add your keyword right so CT and then what you want to do is you want to write about 300 characters word count and you also want to embed a youtube video and embed media with your keywords so if I were to add media in here and I wanted to upload some files I’ll click some files I literally just choose the first thing that I see and my alt description right it needs to be keyword so social media marketing in oops sorry CT and then insert the page you need to do that with a bunch of content a bunch of video so you need to make a video embed it into here and then you also need to do the same thing that I did with you is go into Google Maps you know you want to go into Google Maps and you want to get that map embed into your website so I would just put Connecticut for this case because that’s what I’m trying to rank for and then I would also go to I’m share same thing copy the link copy the embedded map and then just literally add it into the page and that’s gonna give Google’s kind of site map around your page to know where you are and that your sites that your page is alive and if you have enough links pointing to your website which we’ll cover in a few other slides you’ll actually rank for this keyword and relatively quickly and then the last thing you want to really worry about is the permalink which is your title of your page you want to make your page title literally the keyword you’re going for so if I’m going for social media marketing agency in CT if that’s what I’m going for that better be my title alright guys so that’s really it about on-page optimization the things that I recommend for on-page our Yoast SEO because Yoast will give you a kind of inner look at your SEO and it’ll give you some some some insights and it’ll it’ll help you fix all the stuff that needs to be fixed so keep in mind that this is what I recommend if you’re doing SEO for your brand new site your first month because what you want to do is you want to get all the technical stuff out of the way before we start doing the power stuff powerful stuff that’s gonna bring traffic to the website all right so month two which is off page optimization and I’m gonna go over these these things one by one because I believe that this is such important information all right guys so the first thing we’re going to talk about is Google citations and these are like kind of local listings within Google to really verify that your business is at a physical location so when I type in that keyword I was talking about before oops sorry about that guys when I type in that keyword this is a great example of a website with plenty of Google citations okay it’s ranked number one in the local what they call snack pack pack that means that it’s citations are on point and I want to give you guys some kind of breakdown on this so in order for your citations to be on point you need to have a following correct through all of your listings online your name your address your phone number okay your location oh I already said location I’m sorry about that your phone number your email address and there’s one other one that I really can’t think of but those are the general ones that need to match so this example of my client number one for a bunch of keywords with iPhone repair in Connecticut they’re ranking first because of their good citations here’s the good thing is that you can actually go into here and you can look up Google citations into fiber comm this is the tool that I use you go into here and here we go I will do 200 live google map citations for local SEO you’re talking $5.00 so the next thing we’re gonna talk about is social signals and if you guys aren’t familiar with what a social signal is I will show you a social signal alright guys so what you are looking at is a social signal okay and these are for my actual YouTube videos but they’re also linked to my website so this is a social signal and alls it means is somebody talking about your website on a social media site and here’s the good news you can do all the social signals stuff for five dollars so you don’t actually have to get these businesses to post your your stuff on their social media alrighty guys so the next thing we’re going to look at is web search traffic and what that means is if somebody’s searching your website and we’ll go right back to our iPhone example if someone is searching your website and they click your website but then they bounce quickly so I mean that means they click and they get off and they click on this one Google’s gonna start noticing the click patterns and actually rank this one above your listing so the best way to combat that and to kind of give your traffic some traffic or give your website some traffic is using a search tool I use that’s called crowd search me and actually you can send traffic to any website any any website and you can actually send it to any video and and you can see they have a bunch of results here you know this month boom skyrockets and it’s because you know that not only are these fake traffic visits but it’s also helping your organic SEO alright guys so the next one I want to talk about is my favorite one of my favorite strategies it’s called the press release and it’s funny that we are talking about this because when you look into my fiber and you look into my last order that I did I paid three hundred and fifteen dollars for four total press releases for our clients and here’s what’s really cool is that we threw one press release with this keyword and my clients you know I’ve been able to rank first for any one of these kinds of keywords right so you know iPhone repair water air CT I’m just I’m sure their first yep their first iPhone repair just water berry first so as you guys can see I threw one press release and now we’re throwing four more at this site and I like showing you guys in site just because I don’t want to show you too many sites but this is a good site to look at alright guys so we are looking at off page optimization and let’s talk a little bit about backlinking so what backlinking is is basically it’s another website with a high authority domain or trust flow that is pointing to your website and a good example of this would be if you own a dog toys website it’d be very beneficial for you for barkbox com to actually give you a link from their website so now that we’ve really seen you know the linking so how can we get links so let’s talk about buying links so I’m gonna show you a few different options of where you can actually buy links okay so this is links management and basically what blinkx management does is allow you to buy links from other websites okay and that’s really important because you want your search engine traffic to go up and you want links so this is a fast way to acquire links and it’s a it’s not really the best way to do it I’m gonna be sharing the best way to do it but this is the good way this is a good way to get some really quick traffic the second thing we want to look at is conquer kayo and this website actually a lot I’ve actually bought these before I had a really good experience with them and you can buy ten links for $200 but these links are extremely powerful links okay these are some really powerful links if you look at the search traffic after the links are added you’ve noticed a climb in almost any type of search traffic the last thing you want to talk about is Fiverr and you can do the same thing I’m sorry not the last thing but one of one of the ways you can simply search backlinks and you can get links from sellers you know seven high domain Authority home page backlinks you can buy that stuff it’s simple alright guys so the last way I’m going to show you is through a tool called buzzsumo and this is the best way for SEO links because it’s completely white hat meaning you can get as many links as you want to your site and Google you’re not gonna be skeptical of Google looking at your site and penalizing it so how you do this is let’s say you have a customer or you’re a business that’s in the your your a business and you’re in the let’s give it one second here you’re in the house painting niche right so you’re a house painter and what you can do here is take a look at all of this content and you can actually write content similar to it and send it to these types of websites right so if we look at this website a futurism I think that’s what it’s called yeah you can actually see that this is a different website but you can see that you have a contact us button here as long as you have a good blog post you can contact the email or you can go on the Facebook page and literally just message them and say something like this and I’ll show you guys now okay so I would take this link the contact where they already put a backlink and then in my email I would go right in here and I would write something like this guest blog posts and then I would say something like hey my name is Ron okay so you would do something like that and then you would literally just like send and if they respond to you and they ask you to send in a blog then you do that so that’s the the best way to actually that’s so that’s the best way to buy links ask for links and the last bet that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna talk about private blog networks and I’m gonna show you an example of a private blog network and I’ll show you what the purpose is for this network and I trust that you guys will not flood it with whatever you’re gonna flood it with but let’s take a look at what a private blog network is alright guys so what you’re looking at right now is a is a private blog network and basically this blog is used to get my own sites power okay and how does this work okay so this right here this keyword that you’re seeing Facebook advertising agency in Connecticut if I type that into Google you are going to notice that my site is ranked second on Google for that okay that’s it’ll rank here I promise I added this link when was it the 10th today is the 10th I added it today so this this this link put me up all the way up here and as you can see it’s the keyword that I’m optimized for and it’s the keyword that I’m writing about and linking out to my website so one private blog network post was able to give me a rank first for that keyword so I can do the same thing in this blog except next time I write an article I’ll want to use a different key order so I’ve already got that keyword so the next time I read an article maybe I’ll want to do video marketing and see take something along those lines and it’ll rank me very fast because this website already has authority on Google’s search algorithm and how you look at something like that is you would just take the URL and take it into what we call let’s see if a drefs is working it has been working lately on my thing so this is a drefs and basically this allows us to see your backlinks and stuff but you can also see a domain strength and just to make sure that you’re buying quality PV ends which I will be showing you how to buy quality PB ends you can then just look at the domain strength and see if it’s a good site to link out from okay so guys that is really a pbn in a nutshell so I want to now talk about how you can buy PBMs and one of the best ways you can buy PB ends is you can go on to conquer calm and then you can actually if you type in by PB ends directly from Gregg what you’ll see is by PB ends directly from Gregory Ortiz and you can absolutely buy this so like let’s say we were trying to rank a site and we needed 20 private blog networks you can buy them right so you can make a 20-block net private in it this is all you’ll need guys if you have twenty ok one link got me up on that keyword imagine you had twenty links right so you can do this and I recommend using a service called cloak hosting when you do use this and the reason why is because when you’re hosting these private blog networks you want to make sure that Google’s not you don’t have any kind of footprints so what this actually this tool allows me to do is you can see I have a paid version I pay a lot of money for this tool the tool that this tool allows you to host these private blog networks and complete be completely hidden about it okay alright guys so that is private blog networks and that’s really the process behind linking okay so now how will local SEO make me money so the number one way local SEO will make you money is rank and rent what I mean by that is if you search the keyword Hartford mobile dent repairs are actually will go for this is a great example dent repair leads okay so companies that do dent repair and are looking for leads this is a great way of ranking rent so basically all we do is our begin our video to rank first very easily using a software that I’ll mention in another video but we’ll rank this first and we’ll get leads from it and we’ll sell them to all the other localized people okay so another sense if you look up this is a keyword that I been starting to rank and you’ll notice that it’s very high yeah here it is very high in the search engine probably because it’s URLs that and guys look how high it is I haven’t even done anything to it but if you’ll notice you’ll go on the website and you’ll notice that you know it’s this perfect clearly not done but it does get traffic which is really weird so that’s rank and ret basically you rank a website locally and then you rent it out another great strategy to make money with SEO is to do SEO client consulting and that’s really what I do and basically what I do is I go to these clients and I’m gonna show you a way right now where if you were interested in looking at what I just showed you and doing it for customers I’m gonna show you a way right now to find out who is currently interested in SEO so if somebody’s interested in SEO they’re looking to get traffic onto their website so if I look up waterbury attorney or water barrier lawyer and I look at the the firm that’s advertising on Adwords I can probably realize that they’re they care about SEO and what you want to do is you want to take the link and enter it into this tool spyfu calm and just find out how much money they’re spending a month on pay per click which is that little ad pay per click is the little ad you see on the top here it’s called Google PPC and if you go here and you type in their URL it’s gonna show you that their estimated monthly AdWords budget is $6,800 do you think they’re a little interested in search engine optimization the answer is probably yes what would I do with this I would click on here I would do the market breakdown that I did before see what keywords herbs websites are ranking on and just contact them from there then promise you they’ll want to listen to you so that client consulting in in a nutshell basically you find these sites that can basically you know you find these sites that you feel like you can help and you just start ranking them and your client pays you to do it for them because they need it right and the last way the last thing I want to show you how to make money is start your own local business and I’m gonna show you what I mean by that so you can actually just start an SEO agency and do something like SEO or you know will do like a city and this is a good example you could just do this like this is a city of people who are searching this term Iowa City SEO and you could literally just make your URL that link and start getting localized leads that way and grow rapidly right um or you could literally just you know do any kind of city as you can see this gets 260 searches a month or as something like this which is local to me gets 20 searches a month but you’ll see that there’s nothing on here by the name of New Haven SEO so you can easily come into this market and get qualified leads by just using that keyword alrighty guys so that is it for my presentation I really hope that this SEO breakdown really showed you guys what search engine is all about and I really hope they open your eyes to start search engine on some type of thing but I appreciate you liking this video I’ll see you guys soon just make sure you subscribe and you’ll see some great content and this is all I do client consulting so this is all from experience of me consulting with my client and I just showed you some proven rankings for a couple of local terms once again thank you for watching how local SEO will make you money