Making Money On Ebay – A Case Study

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Yes… you can still make big money on ebay just by doing a little research and understanding what's going on. You need to recognize how the ebay powersellers are doing what they do to make money week after week.

That means you should go into any category and look at the SOLD listings to find what's selling well week after week. Then just find a wholesale source for that item, build a line of several of these little profit pumps and let them make you money every month.

This isn't new or complicated but you need to bring your marketing skills into play. This video is a great case study that shows how one guy took a simple digital asset (glam shots / adult web content)
and re-bundled it in a special way that gave him a different selling position.

Using his marketing skills he has turned a cheap asset (costs him about $10 to $15) into something that he can sell again and again for at least his cost for just ONE unit. Look at this because it shows a little spark of genius on how to take a digital asset… repackage it and sell it on ebay for a steady recurring profit stream.

My goal here is NOT to get you guys to rip this guy off and do exactly what he's doing. My goal here is to get you LEARNING and THINKING like an inventive marketer. It's an art and a science but if you can learn it you can make money on demand. It will also help you in many other aspects of your life as well.

Learn to be a creative thinker!!! Look behind the curtain of The Wizard of Oz and realize that there isn't any “Magical” thing out there… it's just a guy that knows some things you don't know… and you CAN learn those same things and do exactly what he is doing!!!

Go become a member of and LEARN the secrets of becoming a creative thinker and marketer.

Maximum respect my friends and all the best of life,

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