On Page SEO Tutorial 2018 – Instantly Rank A Website #1 On Google Using WordPress

[WPXperVideo id=25 ]hey guys so today I was I’m actually building out a client’s website right now so I want to kind of just record this for you guys really quickly just to kind of go over up on page optimization so if you don’t understand what up on page optimization is or you don’t know how to do it just stay until the end of this video because I’m gonna bang it out really quickly on a client’s site and then what you’ll see is you’ll see probably instant rankings when we do it because the on page is gonna be done so well so let me get to it just feel free to watch and if you like just make sure you like in comment so let’s get right to it okay guys so I’m gonna go into my computer now I’ll see you there okay guys so we’re on my site and today we’re gonna do I’m gonna build out a full page for a keyword that we’re gonna target so in this case scenario let’s just target the keyword we’re gonna go for I’m just I don’t know you let’s just go for Naugatuck social media company okay so this is the keyword we’re gonna go for so we’re gonna do some on-page content all around this keyword and we’re gonna rank it pretty instantly once we add a page to my website now I did say I had a client’s website I was going to show but I just realized that I outsource to that article anyways so I don’t have to do it so I’m just gonna do one on my site and just kind of show you guys exactly what you need to be doing when doing on-page optimization for SEO alright so the first thing you need to have is Yoast SEO if you don’t have Yoast SEO make sure you download it right now because Yoast SEO will save you so much time okay so a few things to note when you’re doing this the first thing is is your title which can be changed after should be your keyword or something relative to your keyword right and the reason why is because when you do that the URL actually just automatically structures itself nice and clean for the keyword you’re targeting okay so I’m gonna cover a few different things first and foremost is your heading this is your heading tag okay if you’re using WordPress the h1 tag is immediately implemented so I would do something like best Naugatuck social media company okay and then what that’s going to do is it’s gonna it you know Google’s going to recognize that this is what my what my content all about and then you also want to have the keyword within your first paragraph or your first sentence so would say something like looking for the best Naugatuck social media marketing company okay so what that’s gonna do is it’s also gonna tell Google that you what the page is about so it’ll it’ll allow you to rank your website very quickly so the next thing I’m gonna do guys is I’m just gonna write a bunch of content and then I’ll be back when there’s stuff that I think is important for you to take a note of okay so let me write this out and then we’ll be back okay guys so we are back so it’s all built we’re going after this keyword and I just want to make a few things clear here okay the first thing is just always make sure that all of your content is spelled out completely correct and you can use tools like grammerly to make sure that this gets done and the reason why I say that is because Google is gonna crawl the site and if they catch spelling errors they’re actually gonna like penalize you because big thing Google’s looking at now is content so you got to make sure your content is unique it doesn’t look like it was stuffed okay and then the next thing that you want to do is you want to make sure that you include your keyword a few times in the copy okay and I’ll show you exactly what I mean so if I type in Naugatuck social media company it shows up four times and you want to do that because the more keyword density that you have on your page actually they recommend a certain amount but don’t put it too much but the more keyword density you have that typically the higher Google will find your page and then the third thing you want to look for is an image you want to add content so it has to be unique so make sure you add this type of image because what this image is going to do is it’s going to allow you to do an alt text and in that alt text you should have your keyword as well and then the last thing that you really need to make sure you do is in a heading in a second and heading to add the keyword in just so Google gets that second signal of what you’re talking about and then make sure that you embed your map and if you don’t know how to do that you can go over to Google Maps just search Google for Google Maps and then once you do that you can click here and then once you search Google Maps you can actually just type in your address here so for me let’s just say 495 Union Street Waterbury what you’d want to do then is just make sure you share it get the embedded map for your site and then put it on your website so that’s how you get that Google map kind of thing located on your site and one last thing guys is make sure that your word count is over 300 and once you’ve kind of done all this here’s how you can double check so Yoast SEO gives you this little option and you can actually type in your focus keyword once you’re focused keywords in there you’re gonna want to edit your snippet and just make sure that your title is appealing right so Naugatuck social media company make sure your keywords to the is in there and then just write results like no other something like that now I probably won’t get much traffic to this page I don’t plan on it and then what you want to do is in the meta you also want to you also want to make sure you add the keyword in there okay alright guys so that’s the meta so you just want to make sure you do that add the keyword in there and then the last thing you want to do is just make sure that all of this is checked green especially like it is if you have one or two missing that’s fine but we’re actually gonna fix this okay so what they mean by outbound links here is there’s this page there’s nothing linking out to an authoritative site so I might do you know this right here I might do fit WV at facebook.com/ and then I’ll fix that issue and then also when we do the company you also want to link back to your home page or link out to any page on your website because what that’s going to do is it’s going to give Google a signal that you know it’s gonna be it’s gonna let the spiders on your website crawl easier because you’re linking to other sites so they’re gonna find other pages easier okay so we’re gonna do um cool so that’s really what we want to do so then that error should be fixed and then the last thing is the focus keyword does not appear in the first paragraph I thought we did that let’s just make sure that we did that in order to take social media company I put marketing that’s why okay so when you go down it’ll be fixed so that’s on-page optimization guys now I can see in the near future in 2018 just telling you to put in a video because YouTube is becoming you know the biggest search platform nowadays because everybody wants to see visual stuff but once you’re done you just want to make sure this is green this is green you’re gonna want to click publish and just because you click publish doesn’t mean that your page is now visible with Google so what you want to do is you want to head over to your Google search console make sure you click on the actual website this used to be what they called webmaster tools and then what you want to do is you want to go right over to your website and you also want to make sure you go to crawl once you go to crawl you want to click fetch as Google and then make sure your URL is the page you just made so let’s say it’s Naugatuck social media company boom click fetch and render once you do that it’s just gonna tell you that it’s going to get redirected I think this is an error on my side but I don’t spend too much time on this I rank and then I fix all this later but so once this is it’s gonna come back it’s gonna you’re gonna want to click on request indexing and I’m gonna show you that and then we’re gonna type in the keyword into Google and we’re just gonna see if the site ranks based on the on-page stuff now the keyword isn’t super competitive but the point of this video isn’t to show you the ranking it’s to show you the actual signals right so this is this is kind of what Google looks at on your page and if it’s all checked green it makes you’re doing a great job so let’s click request indexing just make sure you click this boom perfect alright guys so I’m gonna let that sit for a little while and then we’re gonna get back to it and we’re actually going to see if we’re ranking for that page all right guys so we’re back and as you’ll see narcotic social media company when you scroll down you’ll see that my site is ranked first ok now it’s not a very competitive website but when you do click the link you’ll notice that you know the on-page stuff is perfect right so we have this on page we have the linking everything I just showed you and it will allow you to actually rank your pages higher because Google will like what you’re giving them so all that’s how you do on page properly for a website in 2018 and I can see this like I said I can see on page optimizations changing in 2018 because of video all right guys so there you have it that’s my on-page optimization type of tutorial thing just important to know make sure you download Yoast SEO and then make sure you absolutely positively make sure everything is filled out in green your URLs the keyword you’re trying to rank for and if you follow those steps and you know add enough link juice you should be able to rank your site on the first page of Google well I can subscribe because we’re also going to be doing and that we’re doing a whole series on this so we’re gonna take a website from ranking zero all the way to the top of google for some keywords so