The Truth About Internet Marketing Coaches

The Truth About Internet Marketing Coaches

Here is the truth about internet marketing coaches.

There are some coaches out there who can really help you but usually they charge a lot.

Just think about it.

If you knew how to make $10k+ per month, wouldn’t you highly value your time?

Of course you would.

Have you ever heard the saying, “You get what you pay for”?

That is the truth when it comes to investing in an internet marketing coach.

The best coaches are not cheap because they know that their time is valuable and they know that they can actually get you real results.

Successful internet marketing coaches typically have a group coaching program and a 1-on-1 coaching program.

If you have to choose between group coaching and 1-on-1 coaching, it’s usually better to go with 1-on-1 coaching because you get more personalized attention from your coach.

However, 1-on-1 coaching with somebody who knows what he is doing is not going to be cheap but it is going to be worth it.

The great thing about working with a successful internet marketing coach is that the result of working with him/her will be your own profitable internet business.

Here Is What Happened When I Got A Successful Internet Marketing Coach:

I’ve had multiple internet coaches in my life and every single one of them had a significant impact on my success.

I’ve invested around $10,000 in 1-on-1 coaching so far and I plan on spending more because that $10,000 has helped me make 10X that amount and counting….

However, I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a bad experience with coaching in the past…

I remember I invested in a coach that charged me $200 and he disappeared after I paid him.

Most people would’ve cried about it and said that internet marketing is a scam but I had a different perspective. What I learned from that experience was that:

1. You get what you pay for – Most successful coaches will typically charge $1,000 or more for long-term 1-on-1 coaching. If they charge less than that, then either they’re giving you a special deal or they’re probably not as successful as you think.

2. Make sure you do your research before you invest in a coach – Before you invest in coaching make sure that the person you’re interested in working with has great content and training, is a real person with a real identity, and has some form of testimonials or proof of his success

I personally only had one bad experience with a coach. All of my other coaches were excellent. They all helped me to take my game to the next level.

I already have what it takes to take my game to the next level on my own, but I will hire a coach once in awhile to help me get to the next level faster.

Most people only want to make $100 a day and leave it at that, but I didn’t stop there.

I believe that the sky is the limit!

I also understand that it’s not all about money….

It’s about solving problems.

The more problems you solve, the more money you will make!

Real coaches will show you how to help more people and solve more problems.

If you’re thinking about getting a coach, then take into consideration what you read here and let me know if you need any help with finding a coach or if you’re interested in working with me.

To your success,

Hector Jayat


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