Top 5 Apps to Earn Rewards on your iPhone – iTunes Gift Cards, PayPal Cash, CoC Gems, & More!

Learn how to Earn Money and Rewards on your iPhone using these 5 different Apps. Earn iTunes Gift Cards, PayPal Cash, Clash of Clans Gems & More!
*** Links Below *** | 2016 Edition:

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Earn Gift Cards, PayPal Cash, and Paid Apps for Downloading Free Apps.
Go to this URL in your mobile browser:

Check into your Favorite Stores to Earn Gift Cards
Download CheckPoints:
Use Promo Code: appfind

Earn PayPal Cash for Downloading Free Apps (different list of apps than other services)
Go to this URL in your mobile browser:

Earn PayPal Cash Back when you go Grocery Shopping
Download iBotta:
Use Promo Code: ikew

Earn Clash of Clans Gems, Gift Cards, PayPal Cash, & More for Downloading Free Apps (different list of apps than other services)
Go to this URL in your mobile browser:
Use Promo Code: a445859

Earn iTunes Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards & More for Downloading Free Apps & Watching Videos!
See GetGiftz Featured in the 2016 Edition:
Go to this URL in your Mobile Browser:
Use Promotion Code (Case Sensitive): AppFind

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Watch the Best Apps to Save Money & Earn Rewards on Shopping Trips:

Watch the FreeMyApps Tutorial!


Find the best Apps & Games for your iPhone 6!
Best Free Apps for the iPhone 6: 
Best Free Games for the iPhone 6: 
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