Way Number 10 To Make 100 A Day Online – Employee Referral Programs

Way Number 10 To Make 100 A Day Online – Employee Referral Programs

There are many companies out there that are willing to pay
you a hefty referral bonus if you can help bring their
business qualified new employees.

If you have relationships with any recruiters or happen to
know a lot of people, this could be a simple method for you
to earn some extra money for very little effort.

Even if you don’t know many people, you can even use the
internet to find hundreds of potential prospects that you
can refer to these companies.

Currently, one of the most likely professions to offer
bonuses are in the IT industry because of their highdemand.
This can offer a great opportunity for you because
you can find an abundance of IT professionals online who
are looking for work.

In order to become an employee referrer, here are some
simple steps that you can take:
● You might be surprised to know that more companies
have referral programs than not, which can open up a lot
of opportunities for you to find them employees. If you’re
not sure if a company has a referral program, all you have
to do is give them call and find out. Be sure to inquire
about any conditions they have before bonuses are paid
● A couple of good examples of online companies that offer
referral bonuses are HubSpot and Atlassian. Both of these
companies offer a massive $30,000 and $2,000 referral
bonus respectively.

The best part is those bonuses are not restricted to current
employees. Anyone can make a referral and be eligible for
the cash payouts. You will however, need to check with
each company for any conditions that need to be met
before a referral payout is made.

● If you currently work with a company that has a referral

program that would be one of the best places to start.
Companies tend to heavily favor referrals from people who
already work for their company so your chances of success
will be much higher.
● Check with people in your network and see if any of them
are looking for a job.
● Go to freelancing sites such as Freelancer.com,
Guru.com, Upwork.com, etc., and browse through some of
the profiles of people working on those sites. Start
communicating with people who have good ratings,
qualifications and sound good, and ask them if they would
be interested in a more regular job.
● When you locate prospects, you can then refer them to
the HR of the company you are working with. If they get
hired, you will get paid.
● Another option is to build relationships with other
recruiters. By doing this, you can get their lists of current
job openings where the companies are desperate for new
employees. This type of relationship can turn out to be
very lucrative.
● Use JobHubble.com. JobHubble is an online recruiting
platform that’s made specifically for companies seeking
new employees through referrals sharing their jobs online
via social media channels.
JobHubble helps companies increase their social exposure
by tapping into networks of recruiters with established
social networks and who are willing to share their job
openings online.

When a person gets hired for a position, the social recruiter
will earn a cash reward.

All you would have to do is share the job openings on your
social media networks and get in touch with friends and
other potential clients you’ve found with other methods
discussed in this article. If any company hires someone
through any of your referrals, you’ll get paid.

Another way to make money with JobHubble is to post the
job openings in other channels such as online classified ads
websites including CraigsList and ClassifiedAds.com.
● If you have your own blog or website, you could try this
new approach from JobCoin where you would place their
“jobs board” widget on your site.

JobCoin acts as the middleman for companies looking for
more exposure for their job openings. By embedding their
job board on your website, you can offer your readers a
useful job hunting tool and earn money at the same time.
So how much could you make from being an employee

Bonuses can range anywhere from as little as $50 all the
way up to $10,000’s. Some companies are now starting to
offer other rewards rather than just money too. How much
you can get paid will depend on the type of position
needed. The more qualifications the person needs and the
more the job pays, the more you will get paid.

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