Way Number 8 To Make 100 Online – Online Translation

Imagine for a moment that you’ve written an article, a
book, or even created a video. You made it in your native
language; but you’d like people in other parts of the world
to access it.

You will need to hire someone who speaks your own
language and your targeted language fluently. It is where
translation jobs come in handy; and you can make money
from it as a freelance translator online.
Especially if you know one of the languages which are in
huge demand right now including German, Japanese and

If you want to be a translator professionally, you should
consider taking a language proficiency test such as the
Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) or other
language proficiency tests to show potential clients that
you are indeed fluent in your specific languages.
Like most online work, gaining experience is essential. If
you’re enrolled at or live near a college, you could take
classes in translation and look for opportunities to perform
translation work on campus for various departments. It is
crucial to get experience where you can show samples of
your work to potential clients and get recommendations.
In order for you to become a freelance online translator,
here are some steps you can take:
● Post a profile on freelancing sites such as Freelancer.com,
Guru.com, Upwork.com, etc.

Describe your interests and your levels of expertise. Look
for translation jobs on the same freelancing sites and apply
for them.
● There are many sites which provide translation services
exclusively. You can submit your known languages and get
hired through any of those sites as well.
Here are some of the top online translation companies:
Translators Cafe
This website is one of the best when it comes to finding
translation jobs. You upload your CV, choose your rates per
language combination, upload a profile picture and
describe your specialization as well as any other services
you offer (such as subtitling, editing, interpreting,
localization, transcriptions, etc.).

The best feature of this website is their job board. Every
day, new translation jobs with your language combinations
are posted and you can then contact the agency or the
person that placed the ad.

Translators Town
Translators Town is basically a bidding site similar to the
freelancing sites above with the only difference being that
it’s specifically for translation services.

The size of the jobs available will vary from client to client
– like all the other bidding-type sites. There are even small
jobs where the client may only want a photo caption
translated. Then there are the larger translation jobs where
the client may need a book translated into another

Proz.com is generally meant for professional translators
with good experience, but there are also amateur
translators as well. Registration takes no longer than a
couple of minutes and then you will be ready to bid on
their translation jobs. To bid, you will need to pay 1 USD
per bid. It’s a good idea to deposit a few dollars into your
account when starting.

This site allows the employer to contact the freelancers
directly and all payments are direct too, so there are no
fees, except the bidding fee, which is quite low. With
bigger projects I would recommend some kind of
guarantee of payment from the employer for protection
unless they are very reputable.

TRADUguide is another great platform where translators
and their clients can meet. Their automatic job notification
service lets you receive translation requests in your chosen
language pairs and specializations directly to your email.
Bidding on a job is as simple as clicking the link in the
notification email and you will be brought to a form page
where you can enter your bid or price quote. Should the
client agree to your quote, they will contact you directly.
Everything else, including payment is up to you and your
client to agree upon.

How much can I get paid for online translation jobs?
● You can get paid anywhere from $0.01 upward per word
depending on the demand for the language pair you
specialize in. If the number of translators for the language
are scarce, then you can charge a higher rate per word.

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