Way Number 9 To Make 100 Online – Service Reselling

Way Number 9 To Make 100 Online – Service Reselling

Many companies and individuals look to hire people in
order to help them expand their online presence, to
manage their blogs or forums, or to help assist them with
other time-consuming tasks.

If you are good at managing small groups of people, you
can act as an “agent” for a team of specialized outsourcers.
You would do this by identifying people that can do certain
work, and then advertise their services to online
businesses via your own sales website.

In order to make money, you would simply mark up the
price on the fee of the outsourcers so you can make a

For example, you could offer article writing services on
your website for $8 each, but then go pay an outsourcer
that you’ve found $4 to write the actual article for you.
Your goal would be to find a good selection of outsourcers
that you can rely on and who can deliver quality work. One
way to check is to simply order their services as a
customer to check the quality.

Running this type of business can save people a lot of time.
If for example, you built a service based around content
creation, a website owner only needs to access your
website and order their desired content.
If they were to go to a freelancing site, they would have to
submit their requirements, wait for outsources to place
bids, then they would have to screen all the bids and then
finally choose someone to do the work.

If they have large volumes of work that needs to be done
they might need more than one worker which makes the
task of vetting outsourcers even more stressful and timeconsuming.

That’s where a service like yours would come in handy for
busy business owners, especially if they can come to trust
your work.

When choosing people to work with, it’s important that you
only work with outsourcers that you know and trust. If you
deliver bad quality content or services to your customers
the chances are they won’t return for repeat work and
might even leave you bad reviews.

Some of the most popular services that you can build a
website for are SEO, content creation, banner design and
website design.

A great place to look for ideas are at Fiverr.com. You’ll find
literally thousands of services being offered there and at
really cheap prices that you could easily mark-up.
In order for you to become an outsourcing middle-man,
here are some steps you can take:
● Browse through freelancing sites such as Freelancer.com,
Guru.com, Upwork.com, etc. to find people that you can
● Check the quality of their work by making an order as a

customer or by asking for samples of previous work.
● Consider working with outsourcers outside of freelancing
sites to avoid unnecessary fees. Freelancing sites help
protect buyers and sellers but if you establish good
relationships with your workers then that won’t be an issue
and you can work with them directly.

If your business becomes successful enough, you may
even consider hiring the outsourcers on a full-time or
hourly basis.
● Create a professional looking website where you lay out
the service/s you offer, as well as your prices and
turnaround times. Include lots of testimonials as soon as
you receive them.
● Start advertising your site on places such as Google
Adwords and Bing Ads and websites and forums where
your service would be desirable.
● Start building up your customer base. Do a great job,
again this would come down to you selecting a team of
workers that deliver high quality work and start collecting
testimonials from the people you help.
How much money can I make out of being an outsourcing

A lot of how much you can make depends on the type of
services you offer, how many clients you can handle
simultaneously, and how well you can market your

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