13 SEO Tips That ACTUALLY Work in 2018 and Beyond

[WPXperVideo id=11 ]Have a mobile-friendly website. Speed ​​up your loading time. But you already know all these things! Are you thoroughly fed up with the same SEO tips?

to listen again and again, then watch the whole video because I have tactics, techniques and strategies that you do not want to miss. Stay tuned. [Ahref’s intro music] Hey, Sam Oh here with Ahrefs. tthe SEO tool, boost your search traffic, investigate your competition and dominate your niche. We have prepared a lot of great things,

Let’s leave the formalities and we get to the point immediately. The first tip: get more traffic
from your existing pages by treating subtopics,
Google wants to see. Last year we conducted a study with 3 million searches,
to find out how many keywords you can rank with a page, and found that
the average first place for about 1,000 other relevant keywords.

So how do you find these keywords? Easy. You are doing a content gap analysis. Let’s say you optimize bodybuilding.com for search engines. First you call Site Explorer from Ahrefs
and give the URL from your page about “how to take off”, which is somewhere on page 2
or 3 in Google search results. And you can see this site for
about 1,100 keywords with 2,600 monthly visitors. Not that bad. But let’s just briefly with the top ranking page.

Compare from healthline.com. She ranks for 30 times as many keywords and gets
more than 170 times as much traffic. So, all you have to do is
Open the Content Gap tool in the sidebar, then enter Health Lines URL here. Actually, I enter a bit more top ranking URLs,
to get more relevant results. I’m putting this filter here to keywords
show where all these URLs are in Top 100, or at least one of them in Top 10,
my website does not work at all. Finally, I make sure that our URL
is set to the prefix mode and start the search. As you can see, there are more than 1,600
Keywords where all these pages rank, but bodybuilding.com does not. You can see suggestions here.

Such as. Add modifiers like “best”. And here are a few great sub-topics,
which you can handle in your article. You can write about diets and a section
specifically for weight loss for women. The next tip: reverse engineer Quora and other forums, to find low-competition keywords, plus a bonus trick for traffic you need to see. No matter in which niche you act, it must
Give forums that generate search traffic through user-generated content. And since no one is active on these forum threads

Build Links That Must Be Really Simple Keywords Goals So you can put popular threads on
Find forums like Quora. Open Site Explorer Tool and
enter a domain or forum. I will use quora.com. As you can see, they generate over 154
Millions of visitors every month Click on “Top Pages” in the sidebar,
to see which quora pages generate traffic the most. Then use the search box to
to find a common theme for your niche. Let’s say I have a blog about Bitcoin. And immediately you can see a word connection here,
like “bitcoin generator”, which has only 5 referring domains, 5,000 monthly
Queries and gets ranked on the square 4. Then there is one, “how long does it take to mine a bitcoin”
with a referring domain, 3,400 monthly searches, in first place and
with a Featured Snippet. These are most likely keywords with little competition,
which one can use. But why should you know your SEO and
to limit this golden data to the “Google Play”? Let’s leave this over Bitcoin or
open some other cryptocurrencies. You can see that this topic is more than
1 million times was called, despite only 1,000 monthly searches for his top keyword. If you look at the answer,
it was answered about 6.5 months ago from the time I make this video and it has been called more than 73,000 times! So post your answer here as well as some relevant ones
Links to your website and start getting high-quality referral traffic. Actually, I have exactly this trick as an experiment
tested with a completely new domain to generate more than 48,000 visitors and 15,000 leads from Quora alone. The next tip: convert pictures in links to your page. It’s complicated and expensive to create high quality graphics. So, what do you do? One steals the. If you are creating an infographic, image charts with data
or have great photos made, then you want to claim, right?