Amazon Paid $0 Taxes

Whether you like it or not, Amazon paid $0 in federal income taxes on over 11 BILLION in profit for the fiscal year of 2018, and even got tax rebates…

Some will point out that they pay all sorts of other ‘taxes’ and their employees pay taxes, and they create jobs and sales tax and so on and so forth…

But the reality is – the little guy pays a much higher percent tax than the corporate giant. And it’s all “legal.” Meanwhile, we’re all out here in the real world paying more taxes than Amazon…

Chew on that for a second. You & I will pay more income tax than freaking Amazon!

Having an online business with an international structure and moving from my home country I get much better tax rates than most people. I pay a higher percentage than Amazon does, but I pay a lower percentage than my parents.. my mum works in a hospital, and my dad builds kitchens…

That’s not fair, but for some reason it’s how the world works… as you get wealthier you can pay less tax.

Amazon will say, at the end of the day, they are working within the confines of the law. So is it Amazon’s fault? Or the lawmakers? Both?

Regardless of how you feel about it, you most likely purchased something from Amazon this year (unless you’re one of the rare breeds that didn’t). And that makes you just another ‘cog’ in the machine. But that’s not a bad thing. Or it doesn’t have to be, at least…

Jeff Bezos – founder of Amazon – was just another cog in the wheel himself when he started out. Here he is in his [extremely] modest office in 1999:

Jeff Bezos

Do you think he knew he would be one of, if not the richest man in the world one day, just 20 years later? Not a chance.

He kept grinding and grinding and not giving a shit about the the major corporate conglomerates of that time. He may have been a cog in the machine, but then he created his OWN machine… Creating your own machine is the way to go.

Look… we can sit here complaining about how the world is unfair, and it probably is… but will that make 2020 a better year for you?

Complaining is being a victim, you give up control of your future to some other force you believe controls you…

Or you can focus on what you can control?

How will you create YOUR OWN machine in 2020 and beyond?

The key is to think outside the box. There’s a story about a guy who started a valet company for a day. Basically, a wealthy guy needed a valet company for an event and he took the gig and then hired a professional valet company and carged the client more and cleared a $2,000 profit in just 1 day.

He was a middle man, and got paid for solving a problem someone else was too busy to solve.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy to get the price and arrange the logistics, be there on the day and coordinate between the valet company and the client.

And that’s the name of the game… The journey IS the destination.

You’ll never have a “perfect” business or situation. Even Warren Buffet, with all of his amazing success, never bought at the lowest and sold at the highest…

But you can learn, adapt and improve as you go along and build your own machine.

The road is paved with obstacles and difficulties along the way, and it’s all a part of your journey to success.

I’ve seen people like Denker Sage go from zero to building a six-figure business with PressCable and/or AmpiFire alone – simply being a middle man… buying the services low from us, and reselling it to clients for a 10x profit… adding value by coordinating it all in a specialist but simple way.

And all the 6 figure success stories like this had to overcome problems along the way, and they were successful because they embraced the journey.

There’s no excuses in 2020, the resources and opportunities are abundant…

And as you’re building your own mini machine, you’ll be too busy to think or care about what corporate megaliths are doing with their taxes, unless it’s figuring out how you can lower your own taxes. 😉

I hope you have a safe, healthy, happy and prosperous new year and many more to come. I look forward to sharing more interesting stories and killer opportunities with you in 2020 and beyond, as well as doing great things together!

Cheers and happy new year,

Hector J.