How To Do SEO For Website – SEO Tutorial 2017

Hey guys what’s up michael here so i really wanted to do this video right here for a pretty long time already how to do SEO in 2017 what has changed what other strategies right now what you have to consider while doing SEO Verta any updates or things like this so basically I will guide you through the whole process and it’s pretty pretty simple there was nothing really dramatically that has changed so I will guide you through the process how I do my SEO in 2018 and how I rank my website so be sure to check it out.

So let’s get this started right here how to do SEO in 2018 and as already said not too much has changed compared 2016 so before I get into the whole process on how to do things and trust me it’s easy to do I will actually go into my cert account right here which is my rank tracking software which is pretty good by the way you can see that the rankings for my blog right here for how to make money on Twitter tutorial um I actually ranked the number one right here okay.

So when we check out the blog post or the Google thing right here right a thing we can actually see that this is ranked in the first position basically here is an ad right here but and there’s a short summary by Google or something from the other side but then it’s in the first position which gets me pretty much a good amount of traffic right here okay so um I just want to show you the main purpose of this tutorial really is to kind of debunk the myth that SEO is like this complete complicated I mean Google SEO.

Go okay this stuff right here by the way has nothing to do with YouTube SEO that I mostly focus on so that’s a completely complete different topic right here but I really want to show you this tutorial that it’s not hard to do SEO right now and don’t care about all these updates panda ping green all this crap don’t care about it I show you the way how to do SEO in 2018.

Right here okay so let’s just click right here as you see right here and ask the simple question who is this for okay this stuff is for people who have a website that they want to rank of course obviously right but don’t want to spend $1,000 to $10,000 on an SEO agency every single month and that’s simply what these guys charge right that’s how much and as the OU agency is going to charge you to rank their sites so the problem always that most SEO agencies and by the way I also have offer SEO service but I only give my clients top-notch services right here I don’t fool them by telling them things like oh we only do white hat SEO and and we and then they just post a few make a few black pull every single month like they just make ten blog posts and then call it SEO right which is not true um then it’s where people who are able to take out ten to fifteen minutes of their day to learn how to SEO probably.

I calculated this right now because that’s basically how the longest video will be I guess so that’s all you need to know right and this would be very practically and you can literally start ranking your websites today doesn’t Matt doesn’t mean it actually they will actually improve in rankings today but you can start the process today easily without having to to learn anything else from other sides or something I also have said you don’t have to download anything you can just this is a one Harper send legit tutorial right here got to put in one disclaimer though in the SEO game of course rankings are never guaranteed I’m just saying this so you don’t come like you don’t spend money on things that I probably recommend in this video or something and then you come back to me in this video and comedones a Oh Michael this didn’t work it didn’t rank I got tons of sites that don’t rank okay I got tons of sites that don’t that are in the in the position 30s like 40s 50s sometimes.

they dance through to the twenty sometimes they go into top ten and then they drop out again it’s just the way it is you know you can never really make sure that you really rank 100% but with most sites and for most keywords it does work okay so next thing right here is that’s where I already want to get into the whole how this this stuff works right now okay so let’s go let’s just get this started and I assume you guys if you’re watching this video right now you already have some kind of idea like how SEO works like you know that it’s search engine optimization and grew and and how you know what backlinks are and you know how to use them and what they’re for but you just really didn’t make like you didn’t connect the dots correctly yet so you all your efforts basically go into vain because you don’t really know how to do it properly okay so this will stop from my own because I actually have this illusion right here so I prepared a little graphic didn’t copy and paste it.

I really made this myself um so there are two things you have to consider Riya to do basic stuff but I’m just throwing it out there and just in case a lot of people some people don’t know what I’m talking about okay first of all there’s two types of SEO of course when it comes to Google on-page SEO and off page SEO okay so on-page SEO of course is everything that happens on your side right and I can show you a little blog post right here on my blog maybe take the last one that I post right here to make it more practical right because I always take these tutorials on YouTube and stuff where they just show you slides and it doesn’t doesn’t really make sense right you can’t connect the dots really right so this tutorial right here is called how to get on the Instagram Instagram explorer page right um so in this case of course the on-page factors would be everything that’s on this page right here right it’s everything on this page right here so.

As I said this is what happens with on your page and this is of course the foundation for a good SEO meaning what happens on your page meaning the amount of keywords that you put in your article how long your article is what kind of anchor text you’re using what um if you embed a video in the in the actual blog posts how you actually call the pictures that are embedded in your blog posts or in your website’s content without this stuff you don’t do this properly all the other efforts are basically wasted money right because and this all of this stuff right here the on-page SEO is free right so what you do is you download a plug-in called Yoast SEO right it’s y ou ast SEO plug-in and this is basically a plug-in that you’re installing.

And it gives you kind of hints like it tells you you should put one more I can actually show you this right now wait a sec this is this blocking right here I guess wait a sec I mean yeah as you can see this is my this is the editing bait right place right here for this tutorial and this software right here Yoast SEO it gives you hints like for example copy score is a 68 you’ve never used this focused keyword before very good the text contains 70 769 words actually I recommend using around 2,000 1,500 to 2,000 words for a good ranking article so this was just I just took this one because it was my last blog post that I made was a little bit small right here they recommend something different but in my opinion is wrong so but yeah basically make sure that you get a good score this kind of this kind of stuck right here with this one but make sure you get a good score for most of these points right here right I mean you probably will never hit green in every single case but that’s how it works okay I will not get more into the on-page SEO part actually right now because they’re just actually pretty easy to do and you just have to each have to do it.

I mean it’s it’s really easy to do okay so one when it gets really tricky and that’s what most where most people fail because obviously on-page is easier just have to put your keyword a few times in there and by the way do me one favor and don’t care about keyword density in all this crap okay don’t worry about it don’t think just because you posted post your keyword in there too many two times too much that Google will penalize your site or something just not going to happen right it’s just not going to happen people are way too scared when it comes to SEO and that’s also something these other these agencies and stuff do they give you all kinds of myths they try to implement all kinds of myths in your brain so they can charge you more money to stay safe you know what I mean um so yeah as I said off page SEO that’s a all everything that happens outside of your actual website and it’s more complex than the on-page stuff it’s really really more complex.

And here’s where the magic happens right because just on tech SEO won’t rank you unless it’s for a keyword that has just one search per month or something right then you can rank but otherwise it won’t happen okay so on-page SEO as I said I already explained this right here put the hash to put the keyword preferable preferably in the h2 tags and stuff put the keywords in your article least three times it’s all about content when it comes to content as I said 2,000 1500 2500 words put related pictures in there include videos if possible and do a lot of inner linking okay that’s all it takes when it comes to on-page stuff let’s just go on and look at the off-site SEO and there are prepared some nice little things right here and I say the following two things are all that you basically need in 2017.

All right so let’s get this going so first of all of course it’s all about high quality backlinks right it’s all about high quality backlinks and I’m just giving you this example right here to explain a little bit on how this works okay let’s let’s just say in this example right here this is your website whatever website you have whatever article whatever URL you have right you basically need two things right now in 2017 you need good web 2.0.

And you need private blog network links PPN links that’s how they call them right and therefore you really have to make sure that you have good providers to do that right but this is not although because what you also need is a good foundation for all this kind of stuff and that’s what what we call tiered link building so for example this one would be tier one right so imma show you this right now this would be a way of saying what this crap of tier one okay and this right here down there we add another few links it’s q2 right so it’s double penetrated right here okay so what happens is you got a website then you have like let’s say 10 ok let’s say 10 private web 2.0 is right here linking to your website.

These links with these things you got to make sure they’re highly authority like they’re top-notch quality they’re insanely good that’s what you got to take care of right here next thing we also have another ten private black blog network ok it sort of thing with private blog networks right here is that they are private meaning most of these providers and stuff they will not give you they were just in the report and stuff they would just link you to some of them or not even not even at all because they want to protect your network so you gotta be careful because a lot of people use this fact that is that you don’t have to reveal a private blog network links to the public in order to scam you because they will just say oh give me money for private blog network links.

Then they will not they don’t have to show it in the report so they will simply um say they did the work but maybe they didn’t so you have to make sure that you get it from highly profile providers right here and I will link you to them right now and just you get the example right here so you have let’s say ten links linking right here ten links linking to your side from private blog networks okay so you want to give this a little bit more link juice right here by adding like twenty to 100,000 backlinks in the second tier so the good thing is this is not considered spam of course because it’s in the second tier right.

It´s so it’s just looking it just links to your web 2.0 so everything all you put in danger right here is are the actual web 2.0 they’re not your actual website right so when it comes to buying these things or actually signing up for services that provide these things let’s just say it just take the example how to make money on Twitter tutorial I want to guide you through the process real quick and there’s just a few things you need in 2017 .

Let’s not make it too complicated right here okay so for the web 2.0 you want to go to conquer comm and here you can see a few packages that I’ve actually purchased right here and this is not my size by the way not affiliated with this side right here this is actually alex becker so if you knowing I don’t know if you know and probably do um yeah it’s a nice side kind of like fiber comment I also have another fiber gate gets pretty good when it comes to web 2.0 it is really important that you when it comes to web 2.0 this guy right here is pretty good um this guy’s called what’s he called I don’t know whether guys call right now but that’s basically the link that you need.

I can put it in the description right here and he’s basically selling like ten how what do you get for forty ah 20 or ten wait a second uh what this I think no it keeps like ten right you get ten web 2.0 right here handwritten you also have like he also has one gig for spun content but this is all hand written content so I will actually on Mitch exposure that’s his name I would actually um really consider buying from this guy for the web 2.0.

So what happens is you sign up for the stuff you buy it and then after a week or two weeks or something they deliver it okay that’s when you know and then it takes another few weeks to kick in okay so when it comes to so that’s all you do basically if you’re not an ecstasy or expert or something that’s all you can do is you not manually create all of this crap you have to some outsource it you know so next thing to do is you want to go to another gig right here this is for pbn post right this guy is called hatred and he’s pretty famous in his scene I guess and he provides PPN pose and all of this kind of stuff and this is something that’s more expensive right here if you this is just something if you’ve got some money to invest um if you want to spend 200 bucks just to rank an article and stuff but the results speak for itself and it does really work especially in in niches that are really that are working good for SEO.

I mean there are niches that are really spammy at the moment so I wouldn’t use it for that but with this thing right here you will rank for sure because this is pretty too service is pretty solid right here okay and if you don’t have the money for this stuff I would just simply go to five or not going to recommend another guy right here this guy is called up to top right and he’s actually providing high PR backlinks exclusive SEO links these are highly high PR 9 Authority backlinks right here they are pretty good for SEO and just start out you also have pp ends where the thing that will check this out so you want to get a package right here they’re really cheap actually and what you also can do is simply go to five or and type in PP n and there you will find some cheaper alternatives of course.

I have to I have to tell you guys it’s not going to be like this quality so I mean you won’t really risk your site or anything but just the ranking most probably won’t kick in as fast as with this service right here or something but it really does work though most of them you know if you do it correctly so yeah when it comes to prayer as I said anchor tags used two keywords when they ask you for an anchor text that they use and stuff they will basically ask you for like three things okay I will show you this real quick so you don’t make any mistakes a lot of people ask me this what to do right wait a second right here they will basically ask you for a few things right here sent me URL and keywords so all you have to really do is nope all you have to really do is you send them your euro you send them your euro right like for example data like you’re just your website URL.

Actually and then you send them the keywords right and that’s all you have to do you send them the keywords you want to rank for I usually send them like three or four keywords that’s completely fine and then they will do the job right so when it comes to this whole other stuff like for this tier two kind of thing you simply go to another side it actually works pretty well right here it’s on the forum called CPA elites calm and you can actually get like 20k KSDK backlinks for a small amount like $50 what’s really important though do not send these links to your own actual site do not do this I mean I don’t take any responsibility for this stuff right now okay don’t do don’t send them to your actual site okay always just send them to the to the links that you get from these guys not from the pbn but from the web 2.0 guy right he’s going to send you the web 2.0 with a which are also websites basically and you want to send let’s say you purchase 100,000 backlinks you want to send and you get ten web pointers you want to send like ten thousand links to each of the web pointto for this specific keyword.

And you want to give this guy the information right yes that’s basically it that’s how you do it and once you’ve done this once you’ve gone through the process with one of your site one for your articles using one of these services or something um it takes a few weeks and then the rankings should kick in if they don’t um it probably theirs they probably bought something wrong because I have great results and by the way I’m ranking in some I used to this method with some pretty not spammy but really highly competitive niches that I will not reveal in this video right now and it ended big work right now with one keyword I actually I made it to position seven I dropped back right now today to position ten which sucks so it’s still in top ten.

But I’m guessing within the next few weeks it will go up to five four three you know that’s what I’m hoping for really but it’s high company competitive most of you guys who are watching this video and right now don’t want to rank for something like this right because that’s just not something you do when you start out with SEO and stuff um yes that’s good for today hope you liked the video and see you soon

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