How To Make Money On Instagram With Affiliate Products

So over the last few week I've worked on a method and did a case study on how to make money on Instagram. The results were very good for the short amount of time. I came across a forum thread where a guy made over $100,000 from doing the same thing, on a larger scale of course.

Using an Instagram bot I built up some followers then starting making money from there. Once I had over 2000 followers I created a landing page and found some affiliate networks to use. I then upload and image telling the followers to click the link in my Instagram profile. Once they click the link I collect their e-mail and they get directed to the affiliate website, this is where I make the money.

I get a commission of 7% when someone buys a product from the website I directed them to. I also now have that person on my e-mail list, they become my customer. In the future is I was to make money from Instagram I can advertise on my account more or just send out an e=mail. How easy is that? I use get response to collect my e-mails. You want to choose a passionate niche so you have buyers, without this it won't work.

You could also expand this to other social media networks, you can get bots for them as well. It's also a good idea to stay clean and don't spam! All I do is upload an image with a sales pitch once or twice a day for about 2 hours then delete it. You can find software or website when you can automate this. With the bot and auto posting software this really is a fully automatic way to make some cash on social media. You can even sell shoutouts to maximize profits.

Tools I use


Get Response (e-mail tool)

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