How to Self-Publish an E-Book on Kindle Direct Publishing – Amazon – Full Tutorial

[WPXperVideo id=9 ]hey everyone Chad here in this video I’m going to show you how to self publish your e-book on Amazon kinder egg publishing or KDP I did have a look on YouTube to see what was available I noticed videos that were a couple of years old – a few years old and a lot has changed in the KDP environment and on the dashboard so there’s a lot more nuances you need to take a look at which all the dress secondly this isn’t going to be a generic how-to video because you can input information into the text field so can I so can anybody so I want to share some insights with you and some things I think about when I’m setting up my ebook for example I came out with a book last May so about 10 months ago about passive income it’s still attracting bestseller status it’s trending in terms of Amazon rank around 15,000 to 20,000 so I’m selling a few copies every day I was able to get it to as low as 4000 which I was very happy with and I continue to see success there so I want to share my insight and other ideas that I have when I’m setting up my ebooks with you lastly I believe Amazon is the only platform authors need to play on I know those other platforms out there such as nook or Barnes & Noble and even Google Books etc but what I’ve seen and what I’ve experienced is that amazoness is so dominant in the online book retail space I think a lot of customers default when they’re making their purchase decisions to go to Amazon and buy books I know I’ve observed other authors who stick exclusively with Amazon so I would say even if you’re thinking about exploring the other platforms start with Amazon go from there see how you feel and then if you want to explore then go ahead as I mentioned a lot has changed within the KDP environment there is now a pressure look a cleaner look and there’s new features and items why the biggest change is that we can now publish our paperback within the same dashboard within the same environment before we used to as authors have to go over to create space which is another on division and create our paperbacks there once our paperback envy books were published then we would link the two but you can now publish your paper back directly from KDP Amazon has taken great strides to improve the author and user experience they’ve added Quick Links here so you can get more information and help a couple of filters they can easily find your books the search bar is more noticeable and over here they’ve broken out important or critical sections of your setup page so you can quickly go to these sections and review the details or update them and once again over here you can easily click on this to create your paperback I want you to keep in mind that as I go through this I’m a nonfiction author so a lot of my ideas are going to be coming from that well but my ideas are just as applicable to fiction authors if that’s your focus starting from the top language is pretty straightforward it just says here to choose your ebooks primary language and you do so from clicking on the drop down menu and selecting accordingly showing them on the first page of Amazon result is just as important as showing up on the first page of Google results or Bing results keep in mind that Amazon is essentially a retail search engine so folks go there to looking for products to buy or they’re looking for something that they’re interested in and so search relevance is important and so when you’re thinking about SEO techniques there are really two areas within the set up that you can influence which is book title and is also a key word section that we’re going to take a look at soon nowadays I refrain from being overly creative with my titles I just try to call a spade a spade because I’m keeping search in mind so the book title is passive income I’m a little more descriptive here and then added some keywords here the result is that if someone’s searching for passive income streams I am on the first page you see bestseller status here which is great and so I’m relevant to the search query it’s a little tougher to get on just passive income because there’s just a plethora of books on passive income and some mainstays there but the goal is to be relevant somewhere and in this case I am the series section I find is more applicable to fiction authors and the idea here is to input the series name and volume number which will help customers to find books within that series if you have multiple editions you can input the number here it’s easy to add yourself as an author and I’ve already done so and you can add multiple contributors by clicking on this drop-down menu and selecting accordingly here you if you wanted to add another one you just click add another and you can also remove this text field your description section is very important as you’re well aware I just try to think about it logically I also take a look at other authors who are doing well and just try to get a sense of what the best practices are one critical component that I focus on a lot is using HTML tags so these tags here such as h2 bold italics really help my description pop so we can take a look at how this translates to my description here so you can see that the h2 my header is bolded and it’s a larger font here are some of the bold tags and italics here so think about this HTML tag you can find them by looking within KDP health which tags you can use which ones you can’t but I do think they’re helpful in making your description stand out the other thing I think about is applying the ADA formula which is an old-school advertising formula which stands for attention interest desire in action I create attention by using the H 2h tml tags like I said and I also give a lot of thought to the first line in my description so passive income opportunities have exploded and there is money to be made that would certainly get my attention there’s no wrong or right and I create interests by asking questions I provide us an office here I get into the desired piece with what’s inside and my call to action or the action piece is right here so generate income around the clock scroll the top and click buy now so I’m directing the visitor to my a cage or my description to take action just go to the top and click on Buy Now publishing rights is pretty straightforward I wrote my book I own my book there’s no other parties involved so I own the copyright and I hold a necessary publishing rights keywords is the other area or section that is very important to SEO along with book title so I’ve taken out the other keywords that I had here because I want to focus on this one so I know Tim Ferriss came out with a book in December I wanted to ride his coattails so this is kind of a ride the person’s coattails strategy so with tools of titans here with by Tim Ferriss if we head over here and we search for tools of titans let’s say Kindle there’s his book of course and if you scroll down there I am so one of the ideas that I focus on when I’m coming up with keywords is who is the author that I can sort of again write coattails with or the book and I don’t want to just ride coattails for the sake of doing so my book is about passive income Tim Ferriss his brand is very much about online entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship income and different ways of making money and so it relate so you do want to think about your keywords that you’re picking of course and that you’re trying to relate to another successful author or another successful brand and try to get on the same page as them my category strategy is to pick a category that I should definitely be in and then to pick another category that is less competitive so that I can try to attract the best set of status or label that label is very visually appealing people buy into it so you do want to give some thought to your category selection and strategy the age and grade range options here are really helpful if you’re trying to target a segment of the market so these are some target marketing features here you can see my book is published but the options here were to publish immediately or to pre-sell we’re on the second tab and starting with digital rights management or DRM this impacts how your book is distributed and shared I’ve chosen no you can read more about it here authors have varying opinions on it so it’s really your call you have various file options here in creating your manuscript just know what they are before you start to write I typically stick with Microsoft Word because it’s easy and I get it I can see here a notification about spell checks was one error I’ve already looked at it and it’s fine covers a more art than science so they tend to be very subjective so who knows what the perfect formula is I certainly don’t I designed this cover myself you have other options to go over to Fiverr or up work or try to secure a freelancer from somewhere but i don’t recommend that you do is go over to create space and purchase their design cover services I think it costs them around $350 there’s no reason to spend that much money on a cover again try to secure an affordable freelancer or if you have design skills go at it yourself I also don’t recommend the launch cover creator to get a generic cover that looks terrible I can sell right away who has done this this is going to hurt your sales big-time if you want to get a sense of how your book is going to appear you have that option with the launch previewer I don’t use it what I highly recommend that you do is after you publish your book and you get notification that it is in the marketplace go ahead and buy it you want to be the first person to buy it go through it yourself and that’s the best way to do a quality check I never input an international standard book number or ISBN if it’s applicable to your situation then by all means for publisher this is optional I’ve put some keywords there to try to optimize search run the final tab and the first item you’re going to deal with is KDP select so here if you want to enroll and be a part of Amazon special programs such as Kindle limited or the lending library then you would enroll I’m happy to be exclusively on Amazon if you’re ok with that then you should try it out there’s a 90 day period where you have to stand rules and you can always opt out if you do want to explore other platforms then you don’t want in in KTP selecting the territory section is pretty self-explanatory if you’re self-published author like me you don’t need to give a lot of thought to it if there’s other parties involved and you do want to understand the implications of the territories that you choose and then choose accordingly the royalty and pricing section used to be a dog’s breakfast they’ve cleaned it up a lot it’s a lot easier to navigate it looks nicer unfortunately as a self-published author we’re still confined to selling our books from $0.99 to $9.99 but that’s what we have to work with the one thing I will say is it’s important that you think about your pricing strategy because pricing is and selling books is based on supply and demand I usually take the $2.99 approach and a lot of authors do that because we’re thinking about the seventy percent share hair or revenue share versus of thirty five which is at $1.99 and less so the lowest we can go is $2.99 that’s my approach if I did see a lot of demand at $2.99 I may consider increasing it at some point but like I said I think the overarching view is that you should have a strategy and just be okay with and open to trying different things I didn’t create a paperback for passive income what I think match booked is a great option because you allow customers who purchase your print book to get your ebook at a lower price or even for free book lending is another good option here you can see I’ve checked it off I just want to get my name out there I’m okay with people sharing my book around no big deal so I do like this option and it helps with again folks learning about me and growing my brand and then you can just read over the terms and conditions if you’re familiar with the platform you don’t need to read over it every time and then once you’re done with that you just click publish your Kindle eBook and it’s off for processing Amazon has made a lot of improvements to KDP over the years which i think is fantastic and encouraging it really benefits authors to make the process easy because we’ll just want to self publish that many more books two key ideas that you should take away from this video are search engine optimization because you want to try to get on the first page of search results and secondly how you optimize or take advantage of any of those sections in the setup process to try to beat out your competitors the setup process is vital in succeeding with your book along with topic selection cover design content quality and all those other important factors so do keep them in mind best of luck with your publishing efforts and I’ll see you my other videos bye for now