Publish Paperback Books on Amazon through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) NOT CreateSpace!

[WPXperVideo id=10 ]this is a video that’s going to show you how to upload a paperback book to Amazon at KDP and I’m gonna be specifically talking about the changes between doing it this way and doing it on CreateSpace now you can use this process to upload a fiction book a nonfiction book or low content books such as a notebook so what we do at KDP is go onto the bookshelf and we click this plus here as we are making a paperback now of course we choose the language English now already we are confronted with the book title and subtitle and this brings us on to one of the big differences between KDP and create space although you are allowed two hundred characters which is quite a lot Amazon clearly doesn’t want long titles here they say customers are more likely to skim past long titles it’s clear that Amazon really wants our titles to have around 60 characters so I’m actually using word here if you put your title into word and go tools word counts you then get the character count there so I’m going to create a book that kids can write lyrics for songs they want to write I’ve been doing a lot of uploading at KDP and you can get away with a lot of keywords here again they don’t want you to put keywords in the title but for notebooks you really have to in a way I mean you have to say it’s a notebook and then it’s a blank line journal or something like that here I’m saying it’s for kids which again could be construed as a key word but I have got away with doing that but the other thing to say is you can’t mention the trim size or the size of the book in the title in the same way you could do at create space so we’re gonna skip the series and the addition number we’re just having one title here with no series and here we go to author now author was an opportunity to put some keywords in there I think now it’s one that you should really just pass on and you would either give it a pseudonym a pen name a name of a publisher if you want to build a brand or a completely made-up publishing name that’s just random that won’t get you into any trouble and that’s what I’m gonna do now okay Jeffrey Church publishing that’s not going to get me into any trouble we’ve got no extra contributors so we go straight on to the description now if you want the HTML for a description what I usually do is Google Kindle preneur book description HTML generator or something like that and you’ve got a really useful tool here that will allow you to put your description in and then give it bold italics and bullet points and here is my text document where I usually put all of my description titles and keywords so the HTML for the description I had already got and what I do is I just copy and paste the title in to the already existing HTML so I don’t have to write it out each time there isn’t a lot in here it’s mainly just to persuade the customer give them anything I can think of about the book to give them reason for buying it another thing I do is it because we can’t put the trim size in the title I usually put it quite prominently at the beginning of the description so we’ll put that into the scripture publishing rights we usually always choose the fact that we own and hold the necessary publishing rights and now we get onto the keywords so we’ve got a marvelous opportunity to add in words here that people would use to search for our book there’s seven fields and they can contain 50 characters each do not choose any of the words that you’ve already used in the title because that would be a waste and don’t use commas or full stops because that would also be a waste and don’t repeat words in there plural form like gift and gifts because that would be a waste of the second word so here’s an example of my first string of keywords what I’m doing is I’m not thinking about the string of keywords in that one keyword follows each other so word artist group you know nobody’s going to type in word artist group but they may well type in notebook for my artist son who wants to write words to music or something like that so anything you can think of that is relevant to the book’s title or to who the book is for or what the book may be bought for so they’re my keywords done now we’ll go in to choose categories and I know it’s very important but I don’t tend to spend a lot of time here what I do is go straight to my biz at category XLS and you can find this by googling vizak category Amazon XLS or something like that and then I’d either search for one of the keywords that describes the book closely so I’ll go on music not autobiography fine next again biography – no that’s the wrong one this is juvenile nonfiction there’s a music category in of its own so I want to look our music songwriting okay I probably could have found that anyway so this will be under nonfiction here and then you’d go music and you had to go into a subcategory there and there is the songwriting category that I was looking for I might put it in children’s genre there of music there’s are two categories remember if you want to put it into another category that you can find on Amazon but you can’t find in that category tree that they give you there all you have to do is to go down here to contact us and let them know what category you want to put your book in does it contain our content no it doesn’t save and continue’ so what we do is we assign a free KDP ISBN and you will be doing that 99% at the time I should imagine I will leave the publication date blank so the print options the default choice is different to how it was on CreateSpace so you have to choose the white paper whereas last time it was white paper as default and the 6×9 is the default trim size so we’ve got to go in and choose the letter size now the no bleed is what you should choose if there is no ink or type or imagery or illustration or lines if you’re doing a notebook going to the edge of the page here’s the PDF of the interior but as you notice the lines don’t go to the edge of the page if you go into properties you’ll see that this is exactly the same size as the trim 8.5 by 11 inches the letter size now if the lines went to the edge then I’d have to make the PDF a little bit larger to include the bleed and I would choose the bleed option here in order to make everything simple with notebooks or anything else I would not put any ink or type or illustration or whatever going to the edge of the page keep it within the margins and I’m keeping it within 0.5 of an inch margin and then everything is simple you don’t choose bleed and you use the same trim size for your interior as the trim size for your product okay paperback cover finish that’s up to you I’m going for glossy right now here is where we upload the PDF that I just showed you the PDF of the interior with all the pages and you have to wait a little bit for that to upload but not very long hopefully and then you’ve got a choice for the book cover I’m going to talk about the cover creator in another video I’m going to upload a print-ready PDF for my cover and here it is it’s got an illustration on the front no type on the front whatsoever no text so my title is there on the spine and it’s over a hundred pages so I can do this and that is exactly the same as the title I put in at the beginning of this video it’s very important your title in KDP needs to be either on the cover or on the spine or on both so I’m uploading that PDF now and that won’t take too long either and we don’t have a barcode on it so we don’t check this box don’t bother about that and they will put a barcode on the back cover so no need to worry about that now we’ve uploaded everything what we’ve got to do now is launched the previewer we have to do this in order to get to the next step and this is the moment where everyone complains because it takes a long time here it is it really doesn’t take that long if you go and wait and do something if you sit here and watch it yeah a couple of minutes seems like a long time but it really isn’t so now the preview is open I’ll leave it up to you whether you want to check everything if you want to check all the pages are centered but if you’re doing notebooks like me you’re pretty confident you’ve got it right so you just hit approve here at the bottom and then you go back to the same page of the paperback content you have to scroll all the way down in order to continue and now you’re on the last leg of the process not long now you’ve just got to decide on your price and how much money you want every time somebody buys one of these books so all territories I go for and I check expanded distribution now you might sell a few more if you do that it’s not much but the point is I got this from Katherine Shelton really put the price up because this is a larger book put it for sale everywhere you know in Europe and Japan you’ll get some sales even in Japan you’ll get sales you’ll definitely get sales in in UK and your and what I tend to do is I put these prices up to with a ninety nine or something like that as the euro price is so close to 6.6 euro I’m going to put it down to $5.99 and put them in the rest of the year you don’t have to do this I don’t know if it’s going to sell much in Italy and maybe put a 99 at the end of the Japanese yen price but it really doesn’t matter the point is just always make sure you’re getting between one and two dollars royalty don’t put it down less than one dollar or one euro or one pound even in fact you know a book like this could be sold if it if it becomes successful I might put it up great 99 but we’ll see but that is it all you’ve got to do now is publish your paperback book and then in a few hours as long as there isn’t an issue with the title then it will be on sale on Amazon in America Europe Japan and every time someone buys this book it will get printed and delivered to them and you will receive your royalty my name is Rob Cohen I’ll see you in another video