The TWO Reasons WHY People Buy From You

Hi there,

Wanna know what the TWO reasons people buy from you are?

1. They know you exist

2. They trust you

Awareness and trust – that’s it.

But most marketers WASTE the attention given to them by their audience.

They do things like not replying to emails, making it impossible to directly contact them and treating their readers like faceless numbers.

And worse, they’re arrogant with their products.

Most marketers create products and the message they sell them with is:

‘I made this. It took me ages. I worked so hard…’

‘So YOU owe it to me to buy it!

They have to HARD SELL

That’s not for me.

I don’t like hard-selling

It feels awkward and doesn’t suit my style.

Which is why I hooked up with another marketer who has master the art of causal selling and a strategy for making products sell effortlessly by appearing unique.

It’s how we sell consistently without having to constantly create unique products or ideas.

Get all the details here.


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