Today I Learn 13 SEO Tips For 2019 From ahrefs.

[WPXperVideo id=19 ]what’s up their SEO pros today we’re going to be learning thirteen SEO tips from HR F’s that actually work in 2018 and beyond based on what their titles saying I’m just gonna go ahead and review this video give my most unbiased opinion on whether or not I think these tips are good or not I have not watched this video yet so let’s just dive into it if you like these types of videos make sure you subscribe hit the bell icon so you get notified when I go live and join all the other people who are watching right now so anyways let’s just get into it have a mobile-friendly site increase your page speed but you already know these things if you’re sick and tired of hearing the same SEO tips over and over and over again then make sure to watch this whole video because I have tactics techniques and strategies that you are not gonna want to miss stay tuned hey it’s Sam oh here with eight reps the SEO tool that helps you grow your search traffic research your competitors and dominate your niche and we have a lot of juicy stuff to cover so let’s skip the formalities and get straight into this thing the first tip is to get more traffic from your existing pages by covering subtopics that Google wants to see last year we did a study on three million searches to find how many keywords you can rank for with one page and found that the average number one ranking page will also rank for about a thousand other relevant keywords so how do you find these keywords easy you do a Content gap analysis so let’s assume that you run SEO for body building calm first you go to HR site Explorer and paste in the URL of your page on how to lose weight which ranks somewhere on page two or three of Google search results and you can see that this page ranks for around eleven hundred keywords with 2,600 monthly search visitors not too shabby but let’s quickly compare that against the top ranking page from Healthline com they rank for over 30 times the keywords and gets more than a hundred and seventy times more search traffic so all you need to do is go to the content gap tool in the sidebar next paste health lines URL here and I’ll actually paste in a couple more of the top ranking URLs to get more relevant results I’ll set this filter here to show keywords where all of these targets ranked in the top 100 and at least one of them ranks in the top 10 while my site doesn’t rank at all finally I’ll make sure that our URL is set to prefix mode and run the search and you can see that there are over 1600 keywords where all of these pages rank while the one doesn’t you can see ideas here like to include modifiers like best and here are a couple great subtopics you can include in your post you can write about diets and also have a section specifically on weight loss for women the next tip is to reverse it okay so I don’t know I mean that’s probably a good tip I guess but I I don’t think that the other pages are necessarily ranking for all of these subtopics just because of what’s in the page if we were to do an analysis on those actual URLs what was it body well let me go try to find it again it was forward slash content forward slash content forward slash 10 pro tips for losing fat HTML so I’m pretty sure this article this has about I’d say probably like a couple of thousand words and just grab that type in word count boom okay so that’s 1,400 words let’s go check the other article they were talking about I think it was health / Nutrition / how to lose weight as fast as possible and I’ll plug that in here oh shoot I suppose be calm there it is scroll down you go back up coppy and peace so 400 more words in terms of the authority of both of these pages go here and the in links because we want to check out the in links as well this has 78 you are 90 dr let’s see the internal links uh backlinks we want internal links or the hacker the internal links can you see that in here uh-huh one of them let’s just try puttin the other page because I’m pretty sure a lot of this is gonna be ranking based off authority and not just at 21 so I mean you’re looking at what is it you’re looking at 78 Authority are you are 90 D are 8,000 backlinks versus versus like 20 Authority 20 you are and like significantly less dr and you’re only looking at a 400 word difference so I don’t think just by going in and then adding those extra words in there is gonna make that page rank for like 100k more again at key words I’m an obviously adding more relevant content in there and matching whatever the user intent or the average is for that intent or that keyword is gonna help rank it for more keywords but a lot of the reason why that’s ranking for so many different things is because the amount of authority that that page has and again I know you guys will chase you say that links don’t matter no I say that links don’t matter for me I don’t use I don’t build links I obviously think that links are a ranking factor and that internal linking and building links in an organic way meaning that you’re just building out an amazing site with content that people want to link to that’s how you’re going to be able to rank for this type of stuff but I don’t know if this methods is going to be able to move the needle that much for that keyword that they’re suggesting doesn’t you can see ideas here like to include modifiers like best and here are a couple great subtopics you can include in your post the other problem I have with this is that you’re not really adding these topics based on what the actual and average is so like if you use a tool like bench marketer which is my tool or if you use a tool like Cora you can actually see how many times these these words are mentioned on average in the top 20 results and then you just add them in there based on the average and then you slightly over optimize them based on how much more extra content you go over for that intent you can write about diets and also have a section specifically on weight loss for women the next tip is to reverse engineer Cora and other forums to find low competition keywords plus a bonus traffic hack that you have to see no matter what niche you’re in there are likely forms that are generating search traffic from user generated content and since no one is actively building links to these forum threads they are likely going to be really easy keyword targets here’s how you find popular threads on forums like Cora go to site Explorer tool and enter in a domain of a forum so I’ll use Cora calm and you can see that they generate over a hundred and fifty four million search visitors every single month next click on top pages in the sidebar to see which pages from Chora generate the most search traffic finally use the search box to look for a generic topic related to your niche so let’s say that I have a blog on Bitcoin and right away you’ll see a couple here like Bitcoin generator which only has five referring domains gets five thousand monthly searches and ranks in position four and then there’s this one how long does it take to mine a Bitcoin with one referring domain 3400 monthly searches in position one and owns the featured snippet these would likely be low competition keywords that you can go after but why limit your SEO knowledge and this golden data but again that’s based off of the amount of authority that that website already has as well just because there’s only one referring domain doesn’t mean that it’s going to necessarily rank extremely higher just for going for the same keyword but the same at content average and then putting it link 1 link to it there could also be a tons of internal links and the site could be ranking off the domain Authority alone so one other thing I would like to mention is if you are going to end up using that feature like just go to core calm go and find what you want to rank for based on where your site’s already at so if you know that your site’s currently at let’s say twenty nine twenty nine go for something around that range because otherwise you’re going to go for keywords that let’s say are like number said like keyword difficulty seventy we can and the reason why they’re ranking is because like the Dimmick them domain alone is helping it rank plus whatever else so what I would do is I would just go and say go back to sorry go back to here organic keywords take topic you want to rank like let’s say SEO and then you’re gonna go filter by your range let’s just say twenty nine let’s do 27 to 31 press apply and these are the type of keywords you want to go for how many keywords for SEO so on and so on so like for instance this would be a really good one affordable SEO services you could see is twenty nine and here’s the things ranking and then you would just pull the content average with some sort of content tool or a Content average tool like the one I have or cor cor a not Cora not Q uor a just to play the google game let’s click through to this one here on Bitcoin versus some other cryptocurrencies you can see that this question has been viewed over a million times despite having only eleven hundred monthly searches for their top keyword if you look at this response it was answered around six point five months ago from the time I’m recording this video and it’s gotten over 73 thousand views so post your answer here and some relevant links to your website and start getting quality referral traffic in fact I tested this exact trick as an experiment with a brand new domain to generate over 40,000 visitors and 15,000 leads from Quora alone the next tip is to convert images and I wasn’t very specific come on from Chora alone forty-seven thousand people and 15 whatever thousand leads he’s not telling us anything about what that actually was so I hate on people to give you stats but they don’t actually tell you what that’s about your page creating quality graphics is hard and expensive so what do people do they steal them if you’ve created an infographic image graphs with data or taken some cool photos then you probably want credit for those right here’s how you do it using Google Chrome just right-click on the image then click search Google for images and you can see that these images appear on a bunch of different sites so go to these sites and make sure that they’ve linked back to you here’s an even easier way to do this go to the backlinks profile for your domain in site explorer and type in jpg or whatever file extension in the search bar and will you look at that it looks like we have 868 links to our images from here you can open up the referring pages and see if they link to the post where the image is from so on this page I’ll open up the page source and do a fine for our domain ATF’s com and it looks like there’s only one link pointing to our image that’s embedded on our email outreach post from here I could contact the author and politely ask if they could change the link to our posts whenever people ask me to do this stuff like I just had somebody messaged me the other day for a blog post I wrote where I didn’t link to their site because I mentioned their name by didn’t link their site I didn’t respond because for the most part I don’t know who these people are they’re just random people usually outreaching to me I mean if you are I guess if you are like a person who you know runs your own marketing and people really know who you are like for instance me and I go and outreach people might know who I am and then replace the link but even then I don’t care about spending my time doing this stuff I’d much rather just build authority through internal links building up really solid content going over the average and optimizing for UX rather than spending my time manually asking people for links I just think it’s the worst image because since we’re not trying to rank the image next tip don’t underestimate the effectiveness of broken link building broken link building is one of the easiest link building tactics that anyone can do here’s how it works you find pages that are broken and have backlinks pointing to it you recreate that page then you reach out to the websites that are linking to the broken page and ask them for a link the easiest way to do this is to go to HR site Explorer and turn a domain of a closely related competitor and run the search next click on Best Buy links to the sidebar from here you’ll use this filter to show only 404 pages and right away you can see all the pages that are broken and a number of unique linking websites that are pointing to these pages here are a few tips to make your campaigns convert better number one include a screenshot of where the broken link is this one tip took my conversion rate from sub seven percent to around thirteen percent number two don’t copy people’s email scripts they’re overdone and when someone receives that first line that says you have to think if a trust is only getting a thirteen percent conversion rate on asking people for broken links to be fixed that’s uh that’s pretty that’s not that good of chances for somebody with like zero Authority and especially in a place that’s not even about online marketing you’re probably looking more at like a three percent on a good day conversion rate I was looking for some resources on topic then they’ll just click away or delete it and number three make sure your resource is relevant and actually impressive the next tip is to include case studies stats in your articles stats build trust okay III don’t mean to keep bagging on Sam but make sure your resource is relevant and impressive this is really generic advice like we need to I don’t know we needed to talk about that I guess sure your resource is relevant and actually impressive the next tip is to include case studies and stats in your articles stats build trust and links period exclamation point happy face take a look at the backlink profile for hrs blog if I do a search for the percent sign you can see that we have over a thousand backlinks where this symbol is either in the anchor or surrounding text but Sam HFS is a big data company well let’s look at backlink owes backlinks Brian has over 2,600 backlinks with a % in the anchor or surrounding text and if you look through some of the links that he has there based on his personal results like this one that says Brian Dean increased his search traffic by a hundred and ten percent in just 14 days here are a couple more ideas on how you can add stats and data to your posts number one use your own surveys with email subscribers social media followers or whoever would fit the profile and number two gather boring data and make it interesting you can do this by turning it into an infographic a video or a map the next step is to avoid easy the problem the problem with like get data gathering and just like what did they say they said gather boring data and make it interesting is that what he said video or a map the next step is to a voice here are a couple more I email subscribers social media followers or whoever would fit the profile and number to gather boring data and make it like come on gather boring data and make it interesting I get it does that sound fun to you this is my problem with all this link building stuff and and building assets that you don’t really control stuff like that or even just doing things that are boring and making it interesting like nobody wants to spend their time doing something boring and making it interesting do something that you enjoy doing that’s why I don’t like doing like data gathering and stuff that I’m not interested in because it’s not something that I want to like do and I would much rather spend my time doing some that I actually enjoy like being you know somebody who’s creating something that’s you eeeek rather than just going and doing something that i hate in order to get people to like it or something I mean if you’re really into gathering data boring data and making it interesting then great but I just don’t like how brands or marketing brands try to promote you know doing something just for the sake of you know getting it done and getting links or doing something in order to bring people in rather than actually doing something that you enjoy I mean that’s much better advice in my opinion interesting you can do this by turning it into an infographic a video or a map the next step is to avoid keyword unicorns and consider search intent first just because a keyword has high search volume it doesn’t mean it’s one that you should target search intent says Allah if we look at the keyword metrics for the search query Google Analytics in HR keywords Explorer you’ll see that there are around a 1.5 million searches per month the thing is that the vast majority of people searching for this they probably want to log in to Google Analytics right so even if your page ranked in the number 1 or 2 position you probably wouldn’t get very many clicks because you can’t serve the searchers intent and our keywords Explorer shows that only 5% of the time search results for this query get clicked but if we search for how to use Google Analytics then the search intent becomes more clear people likely want a guide or tutorial on how to navigate their way around Google Analytics and extract actionable insights in the clicks data shows that the search results for this query get clicked around 51 percent of the time so always consider search intent first and ask yourself questions like do people searching for this likely have intent to buy what I have can I convert this traffic into leads is there enough search cement to make it worth creating and promoting if the answer is no then you might want to move on the next tip is to admin so that’s really important actually and that’s something that I talk about a lot is making sure that what you’re optimizing for is what people actually want rather than just trying to rank for a keyword because you think it’s valuable so number six I would say that should be their very first tip auto-fire keywords to your titles modifier keywords are add-ons to a base keyword here for my favor it’s best top buy or the current year for example someone who is searching for keyword research tools they might also look for best keyword research tools or even best keyword research tools 2018 modifiers can help you rank for more keywords and also meet people in different parts of their buying journey so if you own an e-commerce site and you sell this KitchenAid mixer you might want to add by KitchenAid mixer and in the model number so do your keyword research on phrases with modifiers and play around with your titles and content the next tip is the modern I mean all that really is a CTR optimisation and for CTR optimisation I would recommend just going for what your keywords already kind of ranking for obviously if it’s not ranking yet then you know you’re not going to get as good of a idea but you know going to search console click into the property or trying to rank higher let’s say you want to go for SEO audit template find the page that’s ranking click into that go to queries and then what you’re going to do is get rid of that page and then you’re gonna see oops sorry I did the wrong wait go into the query go into the page then get rid of queries what you’re gonna see is all the different things ranking for that page and now what you can do is you can just sort by the things that are showing up the most and make sure to include those in your titles so for instance SEO audit SEO to audit checklist SEO audit template website audit templates so on and so on so you can see what I just recently realized the title – SEO audit template here it is for SEO – check that’s what I made it and now it’s showing up for all these different things because I got SEO audit checklist 2019 was a qualifier SEO roadmap is a qualifier su roadmap template and then SEO checklist template as well the only thing I didn’t get in there was that one word which was a website so you know that would probably be another thing I could put in there – also overall improve the entire rankings and the click-through rate so I could do as you ought to checklist the ultimate 2019 website roadmap or you know be kind of hard to put that in there website ultimate 2090 something like you know you get the point competitors things and then steal them like a thief in the night when someone links to your competitors content you need to ask yourself why do they link to them and not me and the answer is almost always because that they don’t know your resource even exists and even if you email them right now and you tell them about your resource it’s probably too late because timing is a I guarantee you that most of the people who aren’t linking your stuff isn’t because they don’t know you it’s because they don’t care to go try to link to somebody that doesn’t really have any authority in the first place critical component in successful outreach you can solve this by monitoring new backlinks for one of your competitors pages then reach out to the site owner or author ASAP here’s how you can automate the process go to HR salutes menu then under the backlinks menu set up a new one and enter in the URL of wonder for your competitors pages set the notifications to real time and as soon as your competitor gets a link to that page and we find it you’ll get an email notification so that you can contact the author and pitch your resource you know annoying that is so for people like somebody so say for instance I’m writing an article about href so I go this just tool it’s amazing right and somebody sees I link to them and they email me and they go hey chase we saw that you link to href you know maybe you could link to our tool as well I’m gonna just be like dude I don’t have time for that I barely just wrote this article on HR F’s this is the tool I like if you want to you know give me a free trial or something maybe but for the most part like people aren’t going to care unless you’re really really well-known they don’t they’re not gonna just like especially if it’s like actually like not that the SEO industry like let’s say it’s just like a weight loss blog or something people are not gonna want to spend the time replacing a link or putting in another link for you next tip is to find low competition keywords that no keyword research tool can find something that’s widely accepted in the SEO community is that quality backlinks help you rank high on Google agree but wait a second then that should mean that if a page has no backlinks but gets a ton of our search visitors then that page must rank for some low competition keywords right so using content Explorer which has an index size of nearly 1 billion pages you can do just that just type in a general topic in your niche and set the option to a title search then set the maximum number of referring domains to 0 so no backlinks at all and then set the minimum organic traffic value is something like 1,000 scrolling down a bit you’ll see this cool topic here on backpacks for professionals that gets over 2,000 search visits ok this is pretty dope I didn’t know about this this is actually really sick that’s really really cool actually this is a good tip right here month without a single linking website next I’ll click on details and then organic keywords and just like that I found some great whoa hold on we got to try that method really quick cuz that’s dope alright so we’re gonna go into hrs I’m gonna go to content explorer type in chase Reiner calm or no no we’re gonna type in SEO audit then we’re gonna go domain rating from zero to zero Oh a star sorry was it referring to Maine zero to zero and make sure this isn’t filter a cup and then organic traffic will say from a thousand to two thousand three results that’s kind of weird what is all this let’s just do SEO from – mm burn domains from zero to zero I got to do it all individually okay whoops and what did they say it was did they do the one organic result next time you is something like 1000 scrolling down a bit you’ll see this cool okay so there we go so we’re gonna just did it so scroll down and then Pinterest SEO in 2019 we’re going to go to details and topic here on backpacks for professionals that gets over 2,000 search visitors each month without a single linking website next I’ll click on details and then organic keywords and just like that I found some whoa that is dope dude that’s really cool okay so when I click on organic keywords and here we go Pinterest search why would that be ranking for Pinterest search this isn’t enough to do the SEO is just ranking for some weird huh so whoop so that’s definitely kind of odd because whatever this is showing up for oh my god look at the amount of content no wonder it’s only zero there’s no links holy cow bro oh my God look at that I don’t know who has time to write all that but that’s crazy wow that’s really impressive okay let’s just try one more let’s just do go over to SEO SEO these are all like weird what is what does SEO why should I care okay let’s say details and organic keywords fifty-five what is SEO Kati 78 so that’s kind of odd too cuz the keyword difficulty is still really high is this time if there’s no there’s backlinks right there 84 I thought it was no backlinks did we not zero referring domains okay so what are we not getting about this tutorial uh referring domains zero did I put it in wrong I bet you’ll see this cool top that’s in the maximum number of referring domains to zero so no backlinks at all okay so maybe I just need to redo that for a domain zero so all of these zero referring domains so that’s why I’m not getting because it says you’re referring domains but if you click into it which is 37 so as this tool broken one oh and then set the minimum organic traffic value is something like one thousand scrolling down a bit you’ll see this cool topic here on backpacks for professionals that gets over two thousand search visitors each month without a single linking website next I’ll click on details and then organic keywords and just okay that’s really weird because on all of these it’s saying there’s zero but there’s still referring domains so let’s just type in backpacks I guess this is zero okay this one has zero it’s still a backlink huh okay let’s try this one organic keywords google ways to make money from home okay so yeah I mean keyword difficulty ten so that’s pretty good actually I mean I would say this is actually still a viable strategy even though there’s some weird bugs but still really cool I really like that a lot let’s get back to it just like that I found some great keywords that I can create a post round like professional backpack best professional backpack and professional backpacks for work and I know that I can probably rank all this different ways the keyword difficulty for this site 22:1 that’s a really low key or difficulty somebody should definitely get that and professional backpacks for work and I know that I can probably rank high for these keywords with one page and only a few quality backlinks or maybe none at all since this page is doing it the next tip is to claim unlinked mentions and the strategy is simple when someone mentions you or your company and they should link to you right well people don’t always do that there are a few ways to find people who have mentioned you but haven’t linked to you first go to Google insert for something like your brand name – site colon your domain but it’d be quite the feat to search through this many results only to find that most people have already linked you instead you can use content Explorer you can type in something like your brand name and common misspellings so I’ll type in brackets Netflix or net space flicks as a phrase match or Netflix – site colon Netflix calm this query is gonna look for any of these keywords and exclude results from their own domain next I’ll click on the one article for domain filter to narrow down our results set since we don’t need to get links from every page that has mentioned the brand name next click on the highlight unlink domains drop down and enter in the domain Netflix calm down you can see that this hour let’s try it so ago site : chase Reiner com- oops sorry – say chase Rayner calm and then + chase Reiner right that’s how they did it since we don’t Netflix or Netflix okay or chase Reiner or chase miner SEO right was there any anything else in there oh I’m supposed to put those in quotes okay so I’m going to do quotes quote quote quote quote quote quote right press search and then they say to highlight unlink domains cheese surrender calm and then we just want to do one referring domain we should probably also – YouTube so what is this doing exactly cuz I don’t really understand need to get links from every page that has mentioned the brand name next click on the highlight unlink domains drop down and enter in the domain Netflix calm down you can see that this result is highlighted in yellow which tells us that this website has never linked Netflix calm form here we could read okay so now I’m looking for sites that have never linked a stronger calm so YouTube that page these weird URLs these you what is all this holy cow this is just spun content I think we’re not going to ask them for a link see a lot of these are just spam domains and again unless you’re like I have a massive website it’s kind of kind of pointless chase Reiner so that does link the domain though so I don’t know what they’re talking about oh because it wasn’t highlighted okay so yeah I mean I don’t know man like again just kind of like one of those things where it’s like if you have a bunch of authority that maybe it’s worth it but even then it’s like it’s just such a large amount of time to be spending going through all this stuff go to the site and claim an unlink brand mention if you have a lot of results like Netflix then you can click the export button and make sure that this checkbox is checked to export only the unlinked domains the next tip is to repurpose your best content if you have a blog post that is done particularly well by gaining links or garnering engagement then it might be a good idea to repurpose that content into different media types so you might turn that into an infographic a podcast a video or a map or a SlideShare presentation the video that you’re watching right now is the perfect example we have a blog post on 70-plus SEO tips that’s earned 254 links from different domains over 7,000 shares and has a hundred and forty comments by repurposing your content you can expand your reach on different platforms and reach larger audiences the next tip is to grab links from Wikipedia and make sure they stay so let me talk about the repurpose content by repairs your conduits yes I mean that I’m a full believer in most of the content that I do actually I do it first on YouTube and then I repurpose it to a page that’s actually how we wound up ranking the SEO audit template page higher as I did a video on it and then what we did is I had somebody take notes of it and we just put it into the page from with the notes here they are boom put a bunch of board content in there and it’s already ranking higher because of that and that’s all just from doing a video which I just repurposed into this page and again here’s the video right here but I did which also updated the template which is really nice what is this now the first thing I need to say is stop posting pictures of your damn product oh it’s Maxwell Finnick got you alright let’s go back to it larger audiences the next tip is to grab links from Wikipedia and make sure they stick before I show you how to do this there are two things that I need to address number one yes Wikipedia’s links are nofollow number two yes you should still consider getting links from these pages but why because just the English version of Wikipedia gets around three billion search visitors every single month translation an awesome place for referral traffic with Wikipedia anyone can edit the wiki’s and add links to their pages just find the wiki you want to add click the edit button and add your contribution but they do have a pretty tight moderation team so you can’t just spam links when you’re adding content and/or links to the pages you need to make sure that the resources you’re adding are bang on and adds value to what’s already there something that I found to work well is to include a supporting statistic next you need to make sure that you’re contributing to the right wiki here’s a surefire way to find pages that get organic search traffic first go to google and type in something like site colon Wikipedia org and add your keyword term as a phrase match then I’ll make a note of any of the URLs that are clearly relevant to the article I want to promote next I’ll go to hrs batch analysis tool and paste these URLs here and run the search and right away you can see which pages are getting the most organic search traffic and now it’s just a matter of finding the balance between impressions and relevance the final SEO tip I have for you is an important one wait that’s only going hold on what did I even just say right there finding the balance between impressions and relevance oh he’s talking about which links to get traffic or which articles to get links from on Wikipedia again I just know I don’t want to spend my time doing that finding the balance between impressions and relevance the final SEO tip I have for you is an important one and I predict it’s only going to become more important and that’s the optimize for featured snippets featured snippets are when Google shows an answer or a partial answer to the question directly in the search results hrs did a study on featured snippets and found that 8.6 percent of clicks go to these featured snippets which is stealing clicks away from the top organic rankings whether you like these SERP features or not you’re going to have to adapt and play the game here are a few quick tips to optimize your content for featured snippets number one our studies showed that ninety nine point five eight percent of featured pages ranked in the top 10 search results not top 3 top 10 so your first task is to make sure your page ranks their number to look and see how the current featured snippet is formatted and understand what part of the question is being answered for example if we search for how to make chicken soup then you’ll see the featured snippet that highlights the directions and only the directions as a numbered list if we look up chicken soup ingredients then you’ll see just the ingredients appear and from a different website than our first example looking deeper at one of these pages you’ll see that there’s a simple headline and no introductory text just the list there are a lot of great resources out there on optimizing for featured snippets and hey we actually have a great video on this topic which I highly recommend watching there are probably some maybe even a lot of tips in here that you haven’t used so I’d love to hear from you and see which SEO tip was your favorite make sure to leave a comment and hit the subscribe button to get more actionable SEO and marketing tutorials and don’t just close this video and go about your day I’ve left links in the description to some more helpful videos and of course to our full SEO tips point ok so yeah I mean some of them were pretty good some of them again I just don’t believe in so it’s like whatever but obviously if you’re brand new to SEO is probably a lot of great stuff that you could start doing I think the problem though with SEO tips or any tips in general is that it’s just it’s hard to put these with anything right it’s just kind of all conceptual for the most part again I think the link building stuff is sort of a waste of time but that’s again just my sort of opinion on things but yeah I mean that’s that’s sort of been my review there was some really cool stuff and there I really liked the part where you could go in and actually sort by domains with low link counts that’s really kind of cool and it’s something I haven’t really thought about yet I really like that so um yeah that’s it that was a kind of a long video hope you guys enjoyed it and until I see y’all next time help us