Way Number 6 To Make 100 Online – Podcasting

Way Number 6 To Make 100 Online – Podcasting

Podcasting is quite similar to blogging, but you do it via
your voice instead of typing or writing.
Podcasts are digital media files (most often mp3 audio),
which are typically produced in a series. Listeners can
subscribe to your podcasts by using software called a
Podcasting can be used for:
1. Informational content.
2. Music.
3. Talk Shows.
4. Training.
5. Story telling.

Many people consider podcasting as an alternative to
commercial radio and TV, because of the low cost of
producing a podcast which allows more voices and
viewpoints to be heard.

You would get the exact same benefits and you should
approach it the same way as Blogging, but it’s simply a
way to suit people who would prefer talking versus writing.
Plus, the other benefit to podcasts is they can be heard
while driving, jogging or at times when it is impossible to

To get started podcasting, you will need a few basic bits of
equipment such as a headphone, microphone, and
software with which to record your audio files.
You can make decent money with podcasting in exactly the
same way you would with blogging – via advertisements
and by recommending affiliate products directly in your
podcast that offer commissions.

Another more lucrative way to get paid to podcast is with
sponsorships. This is the way most prominent podcasters
are monetizing their podcast these days. With this method,
you simply promote your sponsor and get paid directly
from them.

The most important number to sponsors isn’t actually the
size of your audience, but how engaged your audience is
and how likely they are to take action on the sponsors
message from the presenter.

In order for you to become a paid podcaster, here are
some steps you can take:

● Create a website or blog with which to put your podcasts
● Plan out and record your content – you can use a good
free recording program called Audacity if you don’t already
have something else.
● Create or convert your recordings to mp3 format.
Upload your mp3 files along with good a description to
your website.
Now you can start sharing it with your friends, on social
media etc.
Remember to add content as frequently as possible so that
you can build up a regular listener base and potentially find
those sponsorship deals.
● There are many great tutorials out there that show you
how to do each of these steps in-depth.
Cliff Ravenscraft, aka the Podcast Man has a free video
series, “Learn How To Podcast 101”, which is a video
tutorial with more than 120 minutes of instruction that will
help you lay a solid foundation for setting up a podcast for
future success. This podcasting tutorial will give you all the
building blocks to help you understand what is needed to
launch your podcast business properly.
Another really great free resource can be found at
http://howtopodcasttutorial.com/. They provide
information of setting up a podcast, as well as detailed
guides on promoting and making money with your

Here are some more ways to monetize your podcasts:
● You can ask for donations. Don’t expect to make too
much money with this method though.
● Give some quality information away free, charge for the
rest. One popular method being used today is to offer
every 2nd podcast for free and charge a monthly fee for
the rest.
● Allow listeners to partially listen to your show for free
and pay for full access. With this method you could offer
the first 10-20 minutes of your podcast for free and charge
for the rest.
● Build your brand to sell your own products and services.
If you run your own business you can promote those on
your podcasts.
How much can I make podcasting?
It can take some time to establish a decent podcast
audience, but the profit potentials can be quite large if you
become popular.
Your earnings will vary based on the amount of listeners
you get, how interesting your content is, how often you
podcast, and the types of advertisements you offer.

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