WP Socimate Review | Honest Review for WP Socimate

What is WP Socimate?

This is a WP plugin that will allows you to automate your tasks to create content for your blog by getting articles, images, videos and more from the best social networks like facebook, twitter and Instagram on autopilot . But this not ends here. The plugin will auto post your blog content now on your social profiles.

this at the end will gets you tons of visitors to your fan pages and visitors back to your blog.

Main Features of WP Socimate:

  • Get automated content from any facebook fanpage
  • Get automated content from any instagram profile
  • Get automated content from any twitter profile
  • Get automated content from any RSS feed
  • Get automated content from any Youtube playlist
  • Get automated content from any Youtube channel
  • Set your own custom post headlines (spintax enabled)
  • Set your own spintax intro and outros for any content
  • Choose to post as much or as little of the content (from any source) as you want
  • Choose to optionally strip images or links from automated content (and choose to set featured image automatically)
  • Choose optionally to give full accreditation and link to the source of your content (so it can be 100% white hat)
  • Have your automated content posted to your facebook, twitter and instagram accounts on autopilot
  • Choose to have your automated content shared on your social profiles with your own custom spintax headlines
  • Grow REAL twitter followers on total autpilot, just enter some keywords and the plugin does the rest.
  • Automatically follows, likes other tweets and twitter followers realted to your keywords.
  • Grow REAL facebook fans on total autopilot, just enter keywords and choose fanpages to enagege with and steal fans from
  • Auto comment, like, reply to other Facebook posts and Facebook users related to your keywords
  • Choose to SUPPRESS any Facebook fanpage you do not want to get fans from/engage with
  • Grow REAL Instagram followers on total autopilot, just enter some keywords and the plugin does the rest.
  • Automatically follows, likes other insatgram posts and instagram followers realted to your keywords.
  • Get REAL traffic 24/7 by sharing your content to the social media followers the plugin grows for you on total AUTOPILOT
  • Can force fullscreen mode between any start and end point in the playback of video.

See How WP Socimate works:

Are There Any OTOs?

Yes, there are some of them:


WP Socimate PRO, with a lot more features and possibility to get content for your blog from more social networks.


Developer license of the plugin


DFY Software funnels to promote this plugin


Reseller License to get even more profits and at the 100%

Why You Must Buy?

If you understand the power of social signals, you will understand then that the ir no better place to get exposure and visitors than from social networks.

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